How to Promote a Pizzeria with a Marketing Ideas Plan to Attract Customers

How to Promote a Pizzeria with a Marketing Ideas Plan

If you want to start a food business, specifically a pizzeria, you will surely want it to be very successful and well known. Well, for this you will have to apply several marketing tricks to sell more and that more people want to visit your pizzeria.

Do you want a good marketing plan with innovative ideas for your business? We will give it to you, so keep reading the topic How to promote a pizzeria with a plan of marketing ideas to attract customers.

How to promote a pizzeria with a plan of marketing ideas to attract customers

For you to have assured success in your pizzeria, it is important to develop a marketing strategy plan, with which you can make your business grow much more, so let’s see some ideas to promote your pizzeria.

Make attractive promotions and offers

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Who doesn’t like an offer? This is an interest that most of us have in common and it is that who does not like to take advantage of a good offer and more if it is related to pizza. That is why, to attract more customers in your pizzeria you can create offers and promotions in various interesting modalities, such as:

  • «The first 20 people to arrive will have a 50% discount on any pizza»
  • «For the purchase of a second pizza you will pay half its price on Mondays and Wednesdays»
  • «Buy a family pizza and get the soda for free»
  • «On Fridays special offer of a slice of pizza for just …»

These types of creative promotions and offers, accompanied by funny names, can attract many customers and make them recommend your pizzeria to others, in addition to making them have your pizzeria always present to attend when the promotions are.

Create coupons

Coupons have always worked satisfactorily in pizzerias, so it is a good idea to apply this technique, of course, for a Limited time, since the scarce sells a lot and captures the media attention.

pizzeria cook put pizza oven

Publishing these coupons in magazines, newspapers or making them digitally and sending them by mail will allow a greater influx of people in your business who will try your pizzas and good service, and they will surely be hooked even when there are no more coupons.

Register your pizzeria in delivery services

Delivery services or food delivery They are a good way to make yourself known among the people of your locality and increase customers through applications such as Rappi, Glovo, Uber Eats, etc. If you have the possibility, you can start selling food delivery on your own, or register your business with Rappi, Glovo, Uber Eats and food delivery services available in your region.

More ideas to promote your pizzeria successfully

Participate in events and fundraisers

Events are very important to make yourself known, in view of this some regions organize events such as pizza festivals, pizza tasting, entrepreneur events, etc., in which you can take your delicious pizzas and participate, or organize this yourself. kind of events so more people know your business.

Another way to promote your pizzeria is by participating in fundraising events or charity events at churches, sports clubs, schools and organizations, in order to be seen in your community as a shoulder to lean on and have a good perception ce you, come to your business and recommend it.

Reward your regular customers

If you have a list of frequent customers, it is good to show your appreciation For their loyalty through giving them special discounts, create special promotions for these customers or a club of frequent customers where they obtain exclusive benefits.

woman restaurant eat slice pizza take to mouth

In this way you keep customers that you already have and even get more, through their recommendation.

Use technology

Last but not least, you can use technology to Make grow your pizzeria, through techniques such as the creation of social networks, where you interact with your customers, share photos of your pizzas, news, show the menu, make raffles, promotions, etc.

You can also create campaigns for email marketing, through platforms such as Mailchimp, where you can create and send email marketing campaigns.

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