How to Promote My Music or Songs on the Internet in Social Networks for Free (Example)

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If you are a musician and you produce many songs but you would like to be more successful. Well, the truth is that social networks are not only for talking, sharing memes and photos, but they are useful to promote all kinds of things. If you want to know more about how you can promote your music on social networks, stay reading the topic: How to promote my music or songs on the internet in social networks for free.

How to promote your music on the internet

Learn to promote your songs in various platforms and social networks will allow you to grow as an artist. To start promoting your music through social networks, the obvious first step is to create an account on each of them.

The most used and popular social networks in the world such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are ideal for reaching more people, communicating with your fans and sharing your new projects with them.

Through the videos that can be shared on these platforms you can use tactics such as collaborate with other artists and get closer to your audience. For example, on Facebook you could create a group with a small group of fans and ask them to share your content.

You can also choose to create different songs of the same theme, in a creative and didactic way in such a way that you attract the attention of the public. You can take advantage of the Instagram TV option to show the interpretations of your songs.

Another way is to send your WhatsApp contacts your music, redirecting them to your YouTube channel or other social networks by inserting a simple link.

An interesting resource that you can use is the social media, here you can tag more recognized artists so that they also see your music. If you strive to do this consistently across all of your songs, the artist may share your content. This will achieve the followers of these artists also see your content and also follow you.

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If you want a broader promotion, do not hesitate to create an ad on Facebook Ads, with which you can reach many more people. All you have to do is invest a minimum amount of money (this type of advertising on Facebook is paid), so that your music reaches many more people, even outside your country.

And finally, never neglect the power of originality and creativity that you project into your music. Since these aspects go beyond the screens and earphones and you can be captured by many, thus achieving a positive influence.

How to promote my songs on social media

Although some of the platforms that we will present below are paid, they are worth it, because by investing a couple of tickets you can achieve a lot:

  • SoundCloud: the SoundCloud platform is one of the most used to share millions of songs. On said platform you can share your music, collaborate with other artists and massively distribute your songs.
  • ReverbNation: if you want to make yourself known a lot more, you can enter the ReverbNation platform and use it to upload your music, videos, photos and participate in festivals and similar competitions.
  • Bandcamp: if you wish earn money with your music almost immediately, you can use this platform and market your music with PayPal.
  • Drooble: this is a very complete platform where you can transmit your music, earn money with it and get a large fan base.
  • Facebook: in this social network you can send and share your music or songs to everyone you know.

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Now, with all these tips that we gave you, you will be more than prepared to promote your music all over the internet. Never forget the power of social media. The impact that promoting a Music Video on YouTube has on users indicates authenticity and originality. When you are unique, you can achieve a lot with some effort and dedication.

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