How to Promote with a Marketing Plan of Artisan Chocolates to Sell Online

How to Promote with a Marketing Plan of Artisan Chocolates

Do you make artisan chocolates? Do you want to make your product known to many people? If you have no idea where to start or what to do to make a successful marketing plan based on your chocolates, you should not be alarmed or distressed at all. This is because today we bring you the topic How to promote with a marketing plan for artisan chocolates to sell online.

Promote with a marketing plan of artisan chocolates to sell online

Satisfy the consumer

This should be your priority, since this way you will achieve greater customer acquisition who buy the chocolates that you prepare for sale; Of course, to satisfy your customers you must first know their tastes and preferences.

Once they know what your consumers prefer, you can make your chocolates based on satisfy those tastes, thus achieving that they satisfy their needs and feel pleased with the product.

Media analysis process

  • The demand: this is the one that is made up of the group of clients that generally consume your artisan chocolates and at this point you can dedicate yourself to thinking if your product will be focused on a specific group of the population or if it will be pleasant for everyone. You can also briefly review the threats and opportunities that would be presented to your sale of chocolates.
  • The competition: the competition for your venture is the businesses and brands already established in the market, so it is obvious that people are more attracted to buying these branded products instead of artisan products.
  • Economic aspects of the business: with respect to this, as it is a handmade product that you make, the materials to make it are mostly accessible and have a minimal cost. In this regard, it is important that you define future economic threats, to avoid going bankrupt or lacking resources to continue producing chocolates.
  • Legal aspects: you must take care of removing all the required legal permits, such as health, so that your business is exempt from committing legal offenses.

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  • Socio-cultural elements: here you can take a break and analyze the demographic characteristics of consumers and see if these will negatively affect their purchasing of your product.
  • Technological elements: in this case, being a handmade product, it has a minimal intervention of technology and processing, which may be liked by customers who prefer a product that is low. more natural possible.

Market research

In this part of the process you must first identify your current market, who they are, on what occasions they consume your product and in what time and environmental conditions they do so. Then you can analyze your potential market, where you can choose what in the near future you can do with your chocolates so that they reach other people.

You can also identify the distributor market, that is, where you buy the supplies to make the chocolates and the consumer market, refers to the time when you sell more, identifying a specific month or holiday.

Later you can do the market segmentation, where you must write down the characteristics of your customers, the variables that influence the acquisition of the product and the objective or goal with which you want to arrive with your artisan chocolates.

Commercial strategy to sell artisan chocolates online

In this part of the process, we will give you some tips that you can follow so that your sale of artisan chocolates has a guaranteed place in the sale through the internet:

  • Create social networks for your product, wherever you have direct communication with customers Through the use of relationship marketing, where you can also share photographs of your products, videos of how you make them and where you prepare them, that way you will be able to advertise on social networks and achieve a more personal relationship with customers.

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  • Give your customers detailed information about the origin of the ingredients, highlight their naturalness, properties and make them feel like they need those chocolates.
  • It is also a good idea to create a blog or create an online store with interesting articles that lead customers to want to buy your products and where they are shown quality content hook them, in addition to offers, promotions and any other technique that you see feasible to attract and keep customers.

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