How to Protect My Cell Phone from Hackers and How Norton Antivirus Works

Telephones have had a great impact on society, going from being a means of communication that was found on the streets or in our homes to being a multitool with hundreds of functions. These range from a photographic camera, with which we can take different photographs and upload them to our social networks or communication through instant messaging applications. Because of everything they offer, it is important take care of them from malware using antivirus, like Norton antivirus.

There are many options that we have with a cell phone, more if it is an Android device, they bring customizable functions for the user. These range from activating the backup battery, to using and customizing Widgets on the lock screen of our Android phone. Having a mobile is entertaining, however, these carry a responsibility and we must be cautious when used with a virus.

Is it possible to protect my cell phone from being hacked? – How to do it

The reality is that hackers innovate every day in the ways in which they steal information and penetrate operating systems. Nevertheless, Yes, it is possible to protect your mobile to avoid being hacked.

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Basically to do it you just have to follow a series of recommendations, advice or ‘good practices’ that they will minimize the chances of hackers. Read on to learn what you can do to protect your cell phone from hacks.

How to protect my cell phone from viruses and not lose important files

Very important for prevent viruses or malware from affecting your important files such as passwords, images, documents and more is to follow the following tips:

  • Do not open links which you do not know their origin.
  • Do not install applications outside of the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Avoid jailbreak at all costs, in the case of iPhones.
  • Install an antivirus that does protect your device, such as Norton antivirus.

Likewise, you can carry out other security measures to better protect your cell phone from viruses.

Is it advisable to install an antivirus on a phone? – Because?

We must not underestimate viruses. These not only live in computers, but also in our phones, be it Android or iPhone. The main purpose of a virus is infect each of the files that may inhabit an operating system, be it from computer or mobile. They can even go further and steal our personal information.

A virus is extremely delicate, since it seeks to damage, steal and cheat with each of the information that inhabits our operating systems. That is why it is recommended that we know the security sections and privacy of our devices. Some have options like protecting and passwords to my Android folders and files.

However, despite having knowledge of security and privacy of our system, it is impossible for us to be alert all the time. In the end, we are users who are not professionals or experts in the analysis and identification of malicious files. Therefore, it is important to have apps that keep protected our phones. One of these options is the Norton antivirus, which can get us out of trouble.

analysis against norton antivirus malware

Tips for the privacy and security of your Smartphone

As we mentioned before, there are a series of recommendations or tips to better protect your privacy and security. The fact that practically a person’s life is hosted on their smartphone. In this way, we encourage you to take the following measures.

Use trusted apps

Something very important when it comes to preventing viruses, malware and others from disturbing the operation and stealing information from your smartphone. Always download your apps directly from the Google Play Store, and in the App Store for iPhone users.

Never install applications of dubious origin, it is best to trust development Apps with a positive reputation.

Keep apps and operating system updated

Another way to fight hacks is to keep your smartphone’s operating system up to date. This is because its developers are also innovating in new forms of hacking. That way you offer greater protection in the new version of the operating system. This also applies to apps, being able to recognize suspicious behavior on your mobile.

Avoid connecting to a public WiFi network

As you read, there is no more unsafe place for a device than a public WiFi network. Make sure your device always connect to trusted networksBe it home or work, it is even better to use mobile data. Hackers can enter your operating system more easily through public networks.

We even recommend that keep bluetooth off from your mobile because pirates can also use that medium to hack you.

Avoid providing personal information

On the other hand, try as much as possible not to share personal information that could be used by hackers to attack you. In no case do you share this type of data on social networks like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It also tries to keep information such as telephone number, room address, work address, and the places you frequent, hidden.

In the same way, avoid storing this type of information on your smartphone so that in case of being hacked, they have nothing against you. Similarly, if you check your email from your mobile, delete all messages from bank accounts, work and everything related to your health.

Make use of strong passwords

Never but never use the same password for your accounts. A strong password must contain a combination of letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and special symbols. One way of hacking is using password crackers, so the weaker yours is, the easier it will be to get all your information.

In the same way, we advise you to change your passwords regularly to prevent it from being discovered over time. Also in your security answers try to put answers that only you know, even if they are not honest.

protecting your cell phone

Enable integrated mobile protection

All Android and iPhone devices have tracking and protection services that, depending on the situation, can help you. These are capable of locate your mobile in case of theft or loss In addition, they are capable of erasing all your information contained in the device in case of need.

IPhone users have ‘Find My iPhone’ and Android users have ‘Find My Device’ as services to protect your information and find your mobile.

Manage app permissions

The applications you have installed may request and have permissions to access certain information and apps. Such as the camera, microphone, contacts, send messages, location, make calls and more. We recommend that you access the permissions of your apps and regulate the ones that really should have, preventing them from having more privileges than they should.

Mainly you do this in ‘Settings’ in the ‘Applications’ section, in the ‘Application permission’ section or in ‘Manage permissions’. There you can make sure that no app is stealing your information. This goes hand in hand with what we mentioned above, not installing applications of dubious origin.

Can I protect my phone in case of theft or loss? – How to do it

In case your mobile is stolen or you lose it, there are ways to find it as well as protecting your information. Here’s how to protect your phone in the event of theft or loss.

Activate GPS location

With the services ‘Find My Device’ and ‘Find My iPhone’, having activated the GPS location, you will be able to know in real time where it is. One way to protect your mobile is to know where it is to recover it.

Know the IMEI of your device

On the other hand, knowing the IMEI of your mobile allows you to locate it as well as leave it without working or erase all the information contained. The IMEI code is unique for each device so having yours at hand can help you locate it and prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Give your mobile an encryption

This is an additional measure that will allow you to be calmer when you lose your mobile for whatever reason. Giving your cell phone an encryption ensures that the content of the same is inaccessible to other people. Everything will be encrypted so that if they manage to access your memory, you will not be able to read any data.

Norton antivurs: How it works and how it protects me from malicious software

It is one of the most popular and used antivirus, since it is currently on the market Norton antivirus stands out for being a very complete antivirus. It is capable of identifying and warning the user of threats that may be found in the operating system. Likewise, it can cover both the operating systems of our computers and having a mobile application to download it and also take care of our cell phone.

Norton currently has a bundle of editions, each focused on powerful and special functions to inspect and protect. These range from ‘Norton Internet Security’ to ‘Norton 360’, some of them like Norton are paid. In the same way, it also has applications that provide its free antivirus service such as Norton 360, which is available on both PC and Android and iPhone.

Like packages designed for personal and home use, Norton has an enterprise suite called ‘Symantec Endpoint Protection’ in normal version and Suite version. These bring much more complete, specific functions and a administration center to do inspection and central analysis of computers and servers.

‘Norton Mobile Security’ has tools such as its ‘App Advisor’, which constantly makes a whole root scan of the storages of our device. In this way it checks that we have no signs of viruses such as malware, ransomware, etc. Similarly, it has tools focused on WiFi security, web protection and internal security.

How to activate Norton antivirus to protect my devices

As we mentioned earlier, Norton antivirus works both as a paid application and as a free version for each platform, be it PC or mobile phone. On its official website Norton has its section of Norton Mobile Security, where you can subscribe to the antivirus service for your cell phone is annually for 1 or 2 years.

norton antivirus protection and security

But if you want its free version, from the Google Play Store or App Store page we can find Norton 360, a more basic version of Norton. It also has almost the same functions against malware and ransomware. Likewise, it is also equipped with protection when browsing the Internet and also includes a VPN; a complete app to protect our phone.

How to detect viruses and malicious software with Norton

To start detecting viruses and malware with Norton you just have to run a full system scan. To do this you must go to the ‘My Norton’ window where next to ‘Device Security’ you will click on ‘Open’. Once inside the antivirus main page, you will select ‘Security’ and then you will select ‘Analysis’.

In this section you will go to the ‘Analysis and tasks’ section where you will have to click on ‘Complete system analysis’. In this way, carry out your work and inform you if your device is at risk from viruses or malicious software.

As you can see, Yes, it is possible to protect your cell phone from hacker attacks, as well as protecting your information and finding it when you lose it. I hope that all this information will be of great help to you.

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