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How to Protect My Facebook from Hackers or Being Hacked

Facebook is a great social network where anyone can create an account, sadly some users have suffered hacks, managing to access your privacy and the data you have in the account. For these reasons, one might ask, How to protect my Facebook from hackers or being hacked? To do this you will only have to know a series of steps.

Protecting your privacy is one of the most important things and even greater, in the face of threats that can harm us. For this reason, we will tell you everything you need to know to avoid and protect your Facebook as much as possible.

Why and how do they hack your Facebook?

This social network is one of the most used in the world, hosting millions of users in it. It is clear that this application allows us to perform many functions, from playing games to publishing photos and videos.

For everything we use in it, we usually add a lot of our personal information, which we do not want unknown people to know. These people can hack us for various reasons, perhaps to commit a scam, to harm the person and to spread a virus.

Hackers achieve enter your account easily, because many of the users who use this social network do not protect their data, and thanks to this the hacker can enter your profile and know all the information that he will need.

protect my facebook from hackers or get hacked

Many of these only use your name and then look for a way to obtain your password, managing to decipher because you entered a very weak password. For this reason, it is also necessary to know how many Facebook sessions were opened and from which device, this will allow you to act quickly against any hacking.

How to protect my Facebook account from Hackers or from being Hacked?

Protecting your account is not complicated, you will only have to pay attention to certain information. First, log out every time you use this application; If you log in on other devices, make sure you always close it, also from your cell phone.

Check the URL before entering FacebookIt may happen that you are entering it through a false page, which looks identical to the original; so always check that it is correct. Keep antivirus software installed on your PC, this will allow you to carry out threat assessments and keep your computer safe in case something unexpected happens.

It should be noted that you need to create a strong password, that has several digits, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and that is difficult to decipher, also create one that has nothing to do with your information (birthday date, surname, name of loved ones), on the other hand, change your password every 5 months; This will help you maintain more security. Try not to share your password with anyone, remember that this is your personal information that you should not share with anyone.

Avoid as much as you can accept requests from users you do not know, also try not to click on any link that appears on Facebook, since with these you can allow a virus to enter or have a hacker access your information. Try to update this application to its latest version, as many times as necessary, by doing so you will have more protection.

Other ways to protect my Facebook account from being hacked

You can also remove your email from the profile, this data is very striking for hackers, that is why we must hide it, to do so go to your profile and the contact information section and go to the part where your email comes out, press the arrow that comes out to the side and select the option ‘Only me’.

protect your facebook account from hackers

Activate login notifications, this application gives you the opportunity to receive messages or emails about the times you have logged into your account, this will help you stay alert and know if someone strange to you accessed it. To activate it enter the configuration, then the security section where we will activate it in ‘Login Alert’.

The most important thing when using this social network is not to share or tell your whole life through networks, this it will help you avoid any risk and to keep your information private.

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