How to put a colored background on Facebook to publish my statuses

Facebook is posited as or closest to a global village, where everyone connects and interacts. Of course, this subject to all the security measures and restrictions that the users set for their profiles on Facebook, which are more and more. Creating an account on Facebook is something that we have all done, or we have all considered doing.

And more with the whole series of updates, so it is always necessary to update Facebook to the latest version. In order to enjoy all the benefits and new actions that are made within the popular social platform. Whether it is the common version or the Lite version, which of course entail differences between the two.

But there is something in particular that adorns Facebook users and it is the statuses or stories, who seek to upload them from the PC. There is a very striking possibility, that of put on Facebook colored background to publish statuses. And in this space, we are going to show how to do it. For a greater enjoyment of the Facebook experience.

What are the statuses for on Facebook?

Being such a diverse platform, it is subject to multiple functions and possibilities, that users enjoy to a great extent, not in vain it can be said that it is the most popular social platform worldwide. Its use will be directly linked to the taste and preference that Internet users assign to it.

dark version of facebook

Of course some of them are related to the subject of advertising, or information. In this sense, a very attractive possibility is offered, which is the visualization of a publication, for a limited and short time, that is, twenty-four hours of durability. Where all series of publications can be made, and will be automatically eliminated upon completion of the established period.

All under the norms of coexistence and fraternity that are applied within the Facebook interface. But the statements are not only directed at advertising issues, they will all encompass a series of factors of an almost inexhaustible nature, or at least too extensive to deal with in short lines.

The horns in turn become elements of liberation for emotional tension, where people let their load run, with their friends from the social platform. Facebook values ​​and is aware of all this, so it supports everything and also offers possibilities to take it to levels of improvement aesthetics very important. As will be the colored background.

How to put colored backgrounds on Facebook to publish the statuses?

This action is extremely simple, but it can only be possible if the updated version of Facebook is available, so it is necessary to check if so, before starting. For this purpose, we must go to the application store, that is, the Play Store. Once there, we go to the extreme left and display the menu in the form of a bar.

put colorful background to facebook statuses

Within it, we do not go to the applications line. Once there we will see the installed applications, if a green button is not shown, with the option to update, it means that everything is ready to place colored backgrounds to the states.

Verified this, if we can proceed to set colored backgrounds to Facebook statuses. We start by opening the application. At the top, we can see a series of icons and options by lines. But there is one in particular, which is the origin of everything.

This origin is a text segment that tells us or asks what we are thinking about. That is the beginning for be able to place states with background. We must start writing what we are going to publish, once that is done, we proceed to give it a colored background.

To give it color, we must see how at the bottom of the screen, directly below the text, they will appear a sequence of spheres of different shades. They are the existing color possibilities. We just have to choose the one we like the most.

It is recommended that the color that is chosen for the states on Facebook, Go according to the subject being written, that is, if it is an official or rigorous subject, opt for dark tones, while if it is more informal subjects, the ideal is to opt for light tones.

Once the topic has been chosen, you only have to give a clip to publish, and the status will appear with color, in a couple of seconds.

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