How to Put a Custom Image in my PS4 Directs via USB? (Example)

If you wish become a streamer, One of the things you need to get started is to correctly place the custom image in PS4 live over USB.

It will not take you long, and it will open the possibility of creating eye-catching concepts that take your live shows to another level. This tutorial explains it to you in a quick way, so that you save time and start the virtual adventure. Go ahead!

All you need to know

PlayStation is the renowned range of Japanese consoles, created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Present for several generations, today it ranks as one of the best with its PlayStation 4 model.

Thus, this console has become one of the favorites for all those who are dedicated to entertaining with their live shows. All thanks to its high playability and the possibility of having access to a large number of high definition games. In addition, the PS4 allows you to download the best applications so that you can make the most of all the technological advances it has.

Create the best live shows!

Achieving the personalized image in direct from PS4 by USB that you want, will help you climb among the list of the most tops. But still, there are things you can’t forget.

In order to becoming a streamer you don’t need a lot of things, Just a computer and the PS4 console of your choice. You also don’t have to be the king of games, you just need to do what you are passionate about.

ps4 controller design

What is essential is, of course, good internet connectivity. Sometimes there are problems with the internet connection on the PS4, but usually they don’t require a lot of work to fix.

How can you put a custom image on PS4 live over USB?

The first thing you should know is that placing a personalized image in direct from PS4 via USB is not possible until now. The correct way to place your ideal thumbnails is actually from a computer or PC. This process is easy, and consists of few steps explained below:

Choose the image beforehand

The perfect image for your live shows will be the one that draws the attention of other users so that they are encouraged to enter it. Let your imagination run wild and use photo editors to create amazing thumbnails. It is important that you do this before starting the live, go ahead and find out why.

Start a live

Go to YouTube and create a direct with the name you want. A default thumbnail will be set that you will change below.

Once the direct is created, enter the YouTube control panel called “Studio Creator” located in the settings of your account or user. When you click on it, it will load the tab where you will see a toolbar on the left side.

In the toolbar you will find the option to “Live broadcasts”, where you can watch the live that you created previously.

Change the default thumbnail

Once the previous step is finished, it will only be enough to locate the direct that you already created. You can see it with the thumbnail you want to change.

pair of black and white ps4 controls

In the live broadcasts section you will find the option of “Settings”, In it you will see the direct and its corresponding information. Below you will find the option to “Explore” and you will click on it.

Once selected, a window will open where you can locate the image that you have previously created. All you have to do is select it and click “OK” to make the change. By last, refresh the page to see the result.

Now that you know how to place your personalized image on PS4 live via USB, let your creativity fly and record your gameplays with friends from your PS4. Learn about many other articles that will surely be of interest to you on our website.

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