How to Put a Link or Facebook Link on My Website Easily (Example)

The most used and popular social networks play a very important role for the world of Internet business, even in ordinary businesses. For this reason, it is always recommended that your networks are visible to all the people who visit your website. For this to happen you must learn how to put a link or Facebook link on my website easily.

It is known that many of the people who buy a product or pay for a service on the Internet prefer to do so if they see your networks before. Why? This is due to the fact that your social networks such as Facebook or Instagram give a more reliable image of your business. Now, if they arrive at your official website without knowing other networks, it is prudent that they can find them there.

How to get a Facebook link

Facebook links are as easy to obtain as any other address from one Internet page. However, it is not enough to enter Facebook and simply copy the https link address that appears in the top bar. You should be looking for a particular address, not a general one that will lead anyone to your Facebook feed.

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Since what you want is to take people to an already established Facebook link, you should look for the one that you will use specifically. That is, if you want to take them to your Facebook page you must place the link to it. If it were a particular profile, you should do the same with this one, without placing generalized links From Facebook.

Different uses of Facebook

If instead of a specific link that takes the person to your page or your Facebook profile you place a generalized link, something different will happen. It is likely that the Facebook home section will simply open without taking the person to where you want, that is, it will be a link without any use.

Then, go to YOUR official Facebook page or your profile and copy the links that appear in the top bar of the browser. When you have copied them it will be possible place them on your other web page In a simple way.

How to put a Facebook link to your website

The website editing It can be very simple or very complicated depending on the editing method you use. However, thanks to the tools of whatever method you use, it is possible to attach Facebook links to your page successfully. You must start by opening your website, which must have been created previously.

Now, open the web page editor you are using, this may depend on the domain to which the page you created belongs. And where you want the person to click to go to your Facebook page, you can place an icon or keywords. The idea of ​​placing the icon or keywords is that later we can attach a link to them to convert them into hyperlinks.

If it’s text, you can shade it and make it a hyperlink, and if it were an icon you can do the same by right clicking on it.

PC Facebook uses

In this way, your Web page will have incorporated the links to your Facebook page and the people they will be able to access it easily. If you’ve already placed the hyperlink, you can close the editor and save your changes, then test the link. If it works properly, you can be sure that your website visitors will thank you. This way you can create a professional website that everyone will want to visit.

Benefits of adding a Facebook link to your website

It is known that 50% of the people who visit a Web page of any nature also look for their social networks. That is why many people choose to advertise on social networks and digital marketing which is very important today. This is because seeing the interaction of the company or person with followers on a social level generates good impressions and a lot of confidence. So it gives a more solid aspect to the service you offer, whatever it may be.

In addition, through social networks, customers can send you questions, complaints, or suggestions that you can put into practice. Without a doubt, adding a link from your Facebook to your website is one of the more beneficial aids that you can access.

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