How to Put a Wallpaper Image on the Keyboard of my Android Mobile (Example)

For many people today it is of great importance to have their smartphone looking its best, and it is totally understandable, since there are plenty of ways to achieve that. An excellent way is by customizing one of the tools we use the most in it: the virtual keyboard. This is why today we teach you how to put a wallpaper image on the virtual keyboard of your Android mobile.

There are many tools with which we can achieve this without any problem, and we encourage you to read on and find out how to use them. In this way, you can get much more out of everything your cell phone has to offer and you will be the envy of all with a modern virtual keyboard.

How to put an image on the virtual keyboard of your Android mobile?

With the great variety of new android smartphons that are coming to the market, there are many options that we can contemplate when obtaining one. Not only in important things, such as messaging or the camera, but we can fully enjoy even the smallest details when using one of these cell phones.

For example, one of the aspects that we can personalize and enjoy in great way It is the virtual keyboard. Either with an application or directly from the native keyboard of the smartphone, there are many options to give it a unique and special touch. But how to achieve it? Well, below we show you how to put a photo on Android keyboard easily.

Steps to put an image on the virtual keyboard of Android

To begin, we remind you that Android cell phones have the Gboard keyboard, which is an update of the old Google Keyboard, a keyboard that came by default on said smartphones. To put a photo on this keyboard, the steps to follow are:

  • To get started, make sure you have the Gboard app installed on your Android.

smartphone with keyboard in woman hands

  • In settings, select this keyboard as the default for your phone.
  • Once done, find an app on your phone that you can write to.
  • Open the keyboard.
  • Press the symbol with three dots in the corner of it.
  • You’ll see the “Theme” option which will be identified with a color palette, which you must press.
  • Among the default Gboard themes, tap the image with a plus symbol.
  • Choose the photo you prefer, either in your gallery or an app like Google Drive.
  • Finish adjusting the details of the photo, such as brightness, keyboard framing, and border.
  • Finally, press the “Apply” button.

That’s all! As you can see, it is very easy to configure the Gboard keyboard of your Android cell phone in a few steps. Once you have followed all these steps, you will only have to start using your keyboard to be able to see the photo you chose.

How to put an image on my Android keyboard with Swiftkey?

If maybe you don’t have the Gboard app or you just want to vary the keyboard on your smartphone a bit, you can try different apps that will allow you to change the keyboard of your Android cell phone. One of these applications is Swiftkey, which is undoubtedly one of the most used keyboard apps on Android.

tablet with google keyboard

To begin, you must download the app from Google Play Store, where you can download it for free. In it, you can choose from a large number of available themes, or create your own in this case with the image you like the most, which you can do from the “Themes” section of the app.

Choose the keyboard as default in the settings of your Android smartphone and voila, you can start using the keyboard with the theme you have chosen. Also, from this app you can configure other aspects of the keyboard, like the sound of the keys and others like it; is without a doubt one of the best keyboard apps for Android.

We hope that this entire guide can be of great use to you, and we encourage you to continue discovering how to get the most out of your android keyboard. There are infinite possibilities to take advantage of; don’t waste another second and start enjoying.

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