How to Put a Wallpaper Photo to Android Gboard Keyboard

When we have acquired a smartphone, the first thing we want to do is personalize it to our liking and give it a distinctive and unique touch. But there was only one place where you couldn’t to make changes, until now and it was on the virtual keyboard.

This is why we do not hesitate to prepare an instructive guide that will teach you in a very simple way how to put wallpaper photo to Android Gboard keyboard.

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Of course, you will tell me if there are any applications that allow you to change some aspects of your virtual keyboard such as the format of the keys or the color. And in a way to give it a personal touch, but what we are going to teach you today is very different. And it is about placing him or put a wallpaper photo to Android Gboard keyboard.

That can be more personal and unique than a photo of us or of our parents or of some other loved one. This goes beyond certain tweaks to its interface or putting a picture of a landscape, we want something more personal. Just as we can use the best launchers to personalize the cell phone, we can do this with the Android Gboard keyboard.

How to put a wallpaper photo to the Android Gboard keyboard

First of all you should know that having the application of Gboard installed on your mobile, you can easily configure its settings so that you can use a photo from the gallery. So, if you don’t have this App yet, you should immediately go to the Play Store and download Gboard: the Google keyboard, remember that it is a free application.

Once you have completed the download and installation process, you must select this keyboard as the default. Once this is done, you must go to the Mobile Settings that you will find on the home screen.

Once you are in the Settings window, you must go to the section of Advanced settings and here you are going to look for the following option Language and phone text input.

This action will take you to a different window and you will be able to see which keyboard you are using at the moment and if you wish you can change it to another. So let’s choose Gboard as our default keyboard. To be able to customize the background that we want on this keyboard.

Using the application to put a wallpaper photo to the Gboard keyboard

Now we are going to click on the option Gboard and we are going to observe the keyboard configurations, but in our particular case, we are going to select the Themes option. In this window you can choose between various colors, as well as between beautiful landscapes. But we do not want to use the images of the application if not the ones that are ours.

To do this, we are going to select the My themes option, now we can choose a photo that we have in our photo gallery. Or we can also choose one, which is in our account Google Driver, or any other file manager. The important thing is to choose a personal photo that allows us to give it that unique and distinctive touch.

Once we have chosen the photo, we must adjust the image, so that part of it appears as the keyboard background. We can make other adjustments such as brightness or place keys on the edges. All these settings are optional and will depend on you the personalization What are you going to give the keyboard?

photo wallpaper phone

To finish you just have to save this configuration and voila the photo will appear as background of your keyboard every time you use it to write the messages.

As you can see, it is a perfect option and thus be able to customize this tool so used by us in our own way. We finish this tutorial very easy to follow and apply, where you learned how to put wallpaper photo to Android Gboard keyboard.

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