How to Put, Activate or Enable Dark Mode in My TikTok Account Quick and Easy

How to Put Activate or Enable Dark Mode in My

The dark mode or dark mode is a function capable of changing the white and bright background of the screens of SmartPhones and devices for a dark and original background, was developed mainly with the idea of ​​protecting users’ eyes from the harmful light of the devices, originally it was created to be used in conditions of lack of light or darkness, for example at night periods.

This function, when activated, is capable of saving a significant percentage of the battery and is also visually attractive, which is why it has become one of the favorite functions of users and app developers, it is for this reason that currently a large number of applications have this function and it is also present in the configurations of current favorite devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung or iPhone.

The reception of this dark mode has been such that even the feature has been developed in desktop versions of your current favorite applications as well as on web pages and browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera. Yes, this can be done, we can explain step by step to activate the dark mode on all web pages.

Some advantages of dark mode

In addition to the visual protection mentioned above also decreases eye strain caused by white light emitted by our favorite devices, and it is really proven according to studies that white pixels consume more battery than dark ones.

In addition, it has also been shown that users who consume a large amount of multimedia content prefer to occupy this function, for something we see streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO Go using it.

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TikTok and dark mode

With all the aforementioned it is logical that TikTok will begin to develop this function, remember that is an application entirely dedicated to multimedia contentTherefore, it is very possible that its users lean towards a dark mode that provides them with comfort during prolonged use of it.

The developers of the app in question began to test this function since January 2020, at first it was only available to some users, however today in its latest update the function is now available for all devices.

Activate the dark mode feature on TikTok

The first thing you should do is enter your TikTok account, once there, access your profile by selecting “I” (you can find it in the lower right corner of the home screen) then you must press the three vertical dots to display more options and so on enter the menu called “Settings and privacy”.

Then you just have to select the «general» option, there you will find the much sought after «dark mode» select this option and you will activate the function successfully, it is important to emphasize that activating this option does not affect the operation of the application, you can use it as usual.

An interesting fact is that there is the possibility that this function is activated automatically once you enter Tiktok If your mobile device has it within its settings and you have previously activated it, it should be noted that not all devices have this option, but you can always verify it.

To verify if you have this function you just have to go to settings or configuration, select “screen” this will direct you to a section where you can see the option “dark mode”, you must select it and activate it and that’s it you will already have the dark mode in all your phone. It is a fast and really simple process, even in some devices you can program it, so that it is activated only in certain established periods of time.

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In any case the dark mode function besides useful, it is very comfortable and allows the user’s view to relax while spending time on their favorite social networks, including Tiktok, and TikTok is really popular, positioning itself next to greats such as Instagram or Facebook (which also has the function of “dark mode” ) like most current apps.

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