How to Put an Image or Icon to your Minecraft Server or Server

The video game They come to bring all kinds of little details that users or players come to appreciate enormously, even when these were not designed for much fury. However, this only shows the good quality of a game and the attention to detail in each one.

These details can come in many shapes and sizes, since many people can come to appreciate the art that has been put into the environment of a video game; while others will spend weeks talking about that little ‘easter egg’ that they put in some dark corner of the game so that players could laugh or theorize about it.

Due to the great freedom that video game developers have, they can do all kinds of things to fill the small spaces within a game. And, it is curious to see how they are filled depending on the studio that creates each game, and to see how much care they take in the final finish of the game.

This is something that can be seen in all games, but where it can really come to light is in the popular game Minecraft. Considering that this sandbox game becomes highly distinctive due to its pixelated and misleading ‘low quality’ aesthetics, it may be natural for many to have a lot of space to fill the game with all sorts of things.

In fact, Minecraft is a game where a lot of love has been put in its environment and in all the things that can be done, making it clear that imagination is the limit. This is demonstrated even in the multiplayer mode of the game, because if you have a server for you and your friends, you can easily customize many things about it, such as its icon.

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How do I put an icon on my Minecraft server?

Be able to create a server for you, your friends, your acquaintances, audience, Discord group or more; It can be an extremely fun thing to do, and if you’re playing Minecraft it’s definitely something you should do at least once so you can play with a large number of people to see what else you can do together outside of the main game. Remember to always look for the best version of Minecraft to play from the PC.

Within a server you can do many things, such as creating large structures between several people, being able to use mods to play different famous games within the same community or being able to spend hours playing pranks on each other. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and Mojang leaves a wide range of customization for any creator of a server.

Among the things that you can customize is the main icon of the server, basically it is the one that everyone will see when they go to access the server, together with the messages about it, and it can be a good way to acquire new users.

If you have a local server, attaching an icon to your server is a very simple task, since you must first create or prepare your icon, in such a way that it has a size of 64×64 pixels. Once that is done, you must change the name of ‘server-icon.png‘and move it to the folder of your local server and at once the new icon will be changed or added to it.

minecraft server image

What if I have a hosting service?

If your server is under a hosting service to make things easier, you should not fear, since the process is still not very difficult. You only have to create your 64×64 icon, then access the server control panel through the hosting and look for the option of the file manager, through which you will upload the image of the icon and everything will be ready.

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