How to Put an Image Signature in Mozilla Thunderbird Mail? (Example)

When you have a personal or company logo, it’s great to be able to put an image signature on Mozilla Thunderbird email. This procedure is quite simple, you only need to configure some aspects of the account and Done! As if that were not enough, with Thunderbird you can also insert an image online is to your liking.

What do you have to do to have an image signature in Mozilla Thunderbird mail?

The first thing you should know is that it will be necessary to have the Thunderbird menu bar, if you don’t have it, you can activate it. To do this, just right click on the letterhead of the Thunderbird window, you will see a menu and you must select “menu bar”.

Once you have this bar, everything is a matter of minutes, start by clicking on “Tools”, scroll down and select “Account settings”. This will generate a popup where you will see the settings for all registered accounts.

Place the signature with image

You will find a line that says “Attach the signature of a file (text, HTML or image)”, you must activate the box of this option to be able to add the image. It must be an HTML file, if you don’t have it, you need to do some additional things.

Close the configuration panel and go to “Compose”, once there, you will use the content box to create your signature. You must place the text that was in the signature, give it format, size, thickness, color, in short, the look you want for your signature.

sign thunderbird

For the image, within the compose box, select “Insert” and in the menu, select “Image”, you will have two options to determine the image. The first, through a URL, for an image that is on the internet, the second, through the selection of a file on your computer.

Most likely, you want to use a file from your computer, select it and click “OK”, check the option “Do not use alternative text”. Now, the image will have been loaded, you just have to adjust it to the size you want, you just have to save it “File> Save as”, save it as HTML.

Now, it only remains for you to do the previous steps again and when activating the option “Attach the signature of a file (text, HTML or image)”. This will ask you to select a file, find the one you just created and upload it, the signature will be ready, you just have to click “OK”.

To verify, it only remains that you enter “Compose” again and you will see your signature with image in the Mozilla Thunderbird email. Now, each email you send will have this signature preset, remember that you must configure one for each account individually. In case you want to start a conversation or chat with your contacts, you can do it easily and without any complications.

Why put an image signature in Mozilla Thunderbird email?

Many times, the emails used through Thunderbird are of the professional type, that is, they mix work, clients, assignments and much more. Which makes it necessary for each message to have a signature to give the veracity of who is writing the message.

Placing a simple signature can be easy, but many times it will be necessary to identify the company, thus, placing an image becomes important. This can help the recipient of the message to easily identify where it is coming from.

Mozilla Thunderbird Signature Laptop

This option is useful for many things, it can serve as something representative and differential for you or your company. That is why the use is quite interesting, remember that you can also format the text that will accompany the image.

Logos are one of the most used for this type of signatures, giving homogeneity between the emails of the different workers of the same company. What’s more, it’s good to include these images to build more confidence by customers.

Remember that identifying your brand will always make people better acquainted with it, therefore, it is recommended that you place this type of signature as well as synchronize the Thunderbird calendar with Google Calendar so as not to miss anything. Your emails will look great and very professional by adding an image signature to Mozilla Thunderbird email.

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