How to Put an iPhone or iPad in DFU or Restore Mode without iTunes? – Very Easy (Example)

Occasionally, an iPhone or iPad device might hang in an infinite reboot loop. In this case, the DFU mode offers a solution, but how to put in DFU mode or restore an iPhone or iPad without iTunes? – Very easy. In this article we explain the procedure.

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How to put in DFU mode or restore an iPhone or iPad without iTunes? – Very easy

Some Apple users are concerned when they only see a black screen and the Apple logo on their iPhone or iPad. In this circumstance, it is considered that the device entered a state of infinite repetition blocking and, indeed, an automatic correction of this incident is not carried out.

For this reason, we present everything you need to know about the mode DFU and how to take advantage of this method to get your iPhone or iPad back to normal operation.

What is DFU mode?

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update and it is a mode that allows the update of the operating system (firmware) of the iPhone or Ipad device. The DFU mode not only allows the user to resort to a firmware update, you can also install an older version of iOS on your computer or simply recover it from a general failure.

Also for the update at a general level, you should know how to update iPhone iOS with iTunes, which represents one of the most common methods for this purpose.

What is DFU mode for?

DFU mode is used to unlock the device iPhone or iPad in case the system is faulty. This mode is useful for installing a different version of iOS or to revert to the previous firmware version if errors continue to appear.

For this reason, DFU mode is considered as an update and recovery point for users. apple devices. However, DFU is considered to be a method that bypasses the bootloader while recovery restores all factory data on the device.

Understanding the above, this method is functional to solve the problem that an iPhone does not start and stays in the logo, in addition to many other similar errors.

How does DFU mode work?

DFU mode works as a method of upgrade Through which the terminal is connected to iTunes in order to receive the instructions issued by a computer, thus supplying the iBoot boot loader that Apple’s equipment has.

With this method, all data that was previously stored is deleted and it will be configured as a new device after the update. However, it is possible to recover the previous content only if the user created a backup or backup of the iPhone before enter DFU mode.

How does the recovery mode work?

Recovery mode works by creating a point that bypasses the primary level of the device from the system load manager in order to repair some iOS error.

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Activate DFU mode on an iPhone or iPad without using iTunes – Very easy

If your device has problems to be recognized by iTunes, it is advisable that you use a software called Tenorshare ReiBoot. This application is available for free on the website

Once you download the Tenorshare ReiBoot program, you must connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer via USB. When the computer recognizes your device, choose the option “Repair operating system” and then “Repair”.

Download the firmware

Later, it is time to download the firmware; you will get this process in a new window with the option “Download”. Then start the firmware download, so you have to wait a few minutes. Once the download is finished, choose the option “Repair now” to run the operating system recovery.

Finally, the device will restart automatically and thus you will be able to access it without any inconvenience. In fact, you will not need the connection with iTunes to enter DFU mode in order to solve problems lock, when the iPhone does not turn on and does not respond or before a general failure of your iPhone or iPad.

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