How to Put and Create a Watermark in Publisher – Quick and Easy

What is known as a watermark, is also known as an image or even a text, which can vary in color, but in the same way, it is usually transparent, and is usually found within the background from various pagesThese can be printed or web.

The fundamental thing about them is that they do not interfere with the design and reading of the image and that they in turn serve as security protocol so that it is not used without due notification to its owners.

With watermarks, it is not only sought to identify different projects and artists, but also, with it, it is possible to give importance to the status of the same, since with this it can be made clear if it is a project, which is in “Review 2”, Or in any other state thereof.

Likewise, these watermarks are especially useful, when for example the material in which it is being applied, are drafts, since with it, it is possible to clarify the state in which the document is located. These can be attached to your photos, documents, Power Point presentations, among other own creations.

In short, the watermark, beyond fulfilling an information function, it is much more than a decoration for images or publications.

Therefore, in this post we will give you different data and characteristics, with which you can place and create a watermark that is exclusive within the Publisher application, quickly and simply.

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How to add a watermark within Microsoft Publisher

If you are wanting to add a watermark, this is very simple, especially if this is text within a Microsoft Publisher document, keep reading about it here:

  1. It begins by opening the document within Publisher, and after that, proceeds to enter the option “page design“For after that, enter the section of”master pages“In which you will see that a series of options opens, in which you must locate yourself on the section that says”edit master pages”.
  2. Within this option, we can enter the option “insert”In which we must proceed to draw a text box.
  3. Inside the text box, we must enter the size that we have in mind for the watermark and after that, proceed to write the text we want.
  4. Once we have written what we want, we must select said text that we have written and proceed to press the secondary button, in order to change the font and other factors of it.
  5. After that, we just have to press the button “save”And it will have been inserted in the section we want and it will be ready for viewing.

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Various tips that will save you

  1. The steps that we have described in this tutorial are effective with Microsoft Publisher 2013 and its later versions. However, you can still add watermarks within most documents that are in earlier versions of Microsoft Publisher.
  2. If you need to enter a text directly within the previous editions in the Microsoft editor, that is, without the need to use WordArt, the text will be integrated into the image, but nevertheless, it will appear within it with a color opaque black and therefore cannot be changed or look harmonious within your creation.
  3. If this is the problem that exists, it is best to use a procedure that is adapted to the versions of Microsoft Publisher 2007.

With these tools you will have many more advantages to be able to develop catalogs of your creations where you place a personal brand on each of them through Microsoft Publisher.

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