How to Put and Highlight Bold Text in Notepad Easily? (Example)

Writing and writing documents is one of the most common actions on a day-to-day basis. If you use Windows, you have ever used the Word application, having its classic tools; In fact, you’ve probably already tried to make Word faster when loading. Based on this, it is necessary know how to put and highlight bold text in the notepad.

It is not unreasonable, much less discriminatory, to think of Word as the first step in creating a text document. Even so, there are cases where for some reason, users do not have access to the application or it has factory failures, so the notepad kicks in to serve as a savior.

What do I need to know before putting and highlighting bold text in the notepad?

The notepad or “notepad”, It turns out to be the simplest program available in the Windows operating system. In fact, it is that tool by which we investigate “How to open notepad in Windows”, when we had our first encounter with the PC It is very useful!

Now, as its name indicates, it is nothing more than a virtual pad that allows any type of writing to be carried out.

It is normal to feel confused when using it for the first time, since they are two very different interfaces. In the case of the Word notepad, it has been minimally tweaked since Windows XP, replacing the traditional toolbar with a menu bar.

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This tool is capable of opening simple text files and submit them to modification based on their menu bar, offering options such as font type and size or what interests you: put and highlight bold text in the notepad.

Steps to launch and use the notebook easily

Like any program on your computer, in order to open it you must locate it on the main screen. If you can’t find it, click “Start,” hover your mouse over “All Programs” to open the drop-down menu. Then click on “Accessories” and finally press the icon corresponding to the notepad.

The program appears as a simple window with a blank space that acts as a canvas to start writing a document. Above said empty area, a series of predisposed options appear one next to the other and that together make up the mentioned menu bar.

Right in one of its options is where you will later know how to put and highlight text in bold in the notepad, but first things first. Click on the blank area previously described or better known as “Work area” so that it is activated and enables the writing capacity.

How to use menu bar to highlight bold text in notepad?

The menu bar, as its name implies, is a tool that interlocks the different working options of the notepad. It consists of 5 different options, each with its respective drop-down menu of alternatives.

These options stand out among the solutions to replace with another note text editor in Windows 10, make HTML codes in the notebook, among other things.

Now, let’s get to the important thing. The first section is the “file” menu that contains all operations anchored to the fileEither save, create a new one or open an existing one. Next is “edit”. This is used to change general aspects of the text that do not have to do with writing, an aspect that is attributable to “format”, being the next menu.

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Finally, the “view” menu allows you to locate a particular fragment of the text or activate the status bar; while, the “help” menu offers data related to the operation or description of the program. Understanding this perfectly, to put and highlight text in bold in the notepad it is enough to shade the word.

Press “Format” and then “Source” to open a window made up of three different options, “Font”, “Font style” and “Size” respectively. Focus on “Font style”, choose the “Bold” option and then press “OK” to finish adding that style to the shaded text.

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