How to Put ARK: Survival Evolved in Spanish or Change the Language Easily

ARK Survival Evolved, is positioned as one of the greats in the field of favorites, and it is no wonder, its graphics quality, spaces and adventure alternatives, leave the player mined of options to explore and let himself be carried away by the exuberances of the ARK Survival Evolved dimension.

The peculiar theme of the game absorbs our senses at the first pass, from finding taps to prehistoric creatures, on the island ARK Survival Evolved, mythological intertwines with fantastic in a sum of probabilities, you only need the best ARK map to unfold at ease.

In addition to this, the possibilities do not stop with the time interval, you can let your play run whether it is day or night in the game, and change the game time even if you want.

It’s a game can be run on various platforms. However, one of its most popular distributions is the computer version. Of course, to be able to run it on this platform, it is necessary to have a computer with all its updated drivers and complement it with a good set of storage, graphics and processor.

What is the world of possibilities like in ARK Survival Evolved?

Now flat, the mere fact of setting the action in a dimension where the mythical is linked with the fantastic, leaves a tremendous range of possibilities, so much so that you may need extra help to be able to develop a good game and avoid inconvenience.

character with tool in ark

Those who live the experience must survive in a plane or world full of dinosaurs and endless prehistoric fauna that lurk everywhere, some will be your food if you have the courage to dare. But it is not only the fauna that can be hostile, the localities on the map and even other players may be more dangerous than the huge beasts that surround and watch you.

Survival is the essence of action, accordingly, you will see the obligation to eat what is necessary to live, from fruits, to your Dodo mascot They could be on the menu of the day and if necessary for the defense of your virtual integrity.

You can play in the third person if you wish, although the ideal would be in the first person. The route through the spaces will be on foot and always in vigilance of what is developed in the path, it will navigate, run, and precisely ride on a dinosaur to tame it for your survival on ARK island

How to play ARK Survival Evolved in Spanish?

Being an adventure and survival game with high levels of action, the ideal would be a first person view, but that depends on the particular taste. The initial would be a base, with core items, like a bonfire, also attaching weapons, since defense is key.

various accessories to play ark on computer

In addition to this, should tame animals, in the style of men of the ancient age, but with a modern vision, taking into account that it will demand more resources, but its usefulness makes up for it. In the first instance we come across The Island, the language can represent an insurmountable barrier because it makes the experience tortuous, but it can always be modified.

To install the base, you need floors, windows and doors that are somewhat scarce components in the adventure world, so will be won throughout the game as a prize or reward. Weapons must be created that are manufactured based on the resources obtained in searches.

Elements key like healthIt must always be cared for, when it is affected, it can be remedied by eating the required food, but it will be gradual, so comprehensive care of the character should always be sought. Or possess previously created items that allow for faster regeneration.

How can I put ARK Survival Evolved in Spanish or change the language easily?

Language can be a real barrier that hinders the development of the adventure in ARK Survival Evolved, no one can perform actions that are told to him but he does not understand them, so knowing how to put the game in Spanish is key to being able to play it.

Within the game, in the second button, where the name of the game is displayed, that is, in Steam, once there, we go to properties, we enter the language section, the available ones will be displayed and select spanish, or whatever language you like.

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