How to Put Background Color to Table Cells in Word Easily (Example)

There are certain functions that seem to be exclusive to other applications, this is the case of Word. Where many users never thought that creating tables with this editor could change the background of the cells. That is why in this article we will show you how simple it is put background color to table cells in Word.

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But believe it or not, with Microsoft Word it is possible without many complications, to put a background color to a table or parts of them. And this is news that will make many people happy who want to highlight some cells in the table. And in these cases they resorted to using other applications such as Excel, where it is easier to change specific areas of the table, without major problems.

There are many examples that we can cite to show you in which cases the change the background color of a table. These are small modifications or attributes that you can include when you have created your tables to identify important data in it.

How to set table cells background color in Word

At the end of this article you will be surprised how simple it is put background color to table cells in Word. And in this way to be able to highlight as we already mentioned specific areas of the table. You can start by resizing Word tables easily.

Many times when this option is applied to a table, the most important aspects or data of the same can be appreciated in a differentiated way. But let’s no longer waste our time on the theoretical and go directly to the practical. And now we will show you the step by step you must follow.

Steps to set table cells background color in Word

To begin we are going to tell you how to put shading at the bottom of a table and to do this you will go to the top menu and click on the Insert tab. Then you are going to go to the Table option and you are going to click on it, now the next step is to select with the mouse cursor, the row or column that you want to shade, press and hold while you drag and select the area to shade.

The next step is to go back to the top menu and click on the Table Design tab and then you must click on the Borders option. Now in this section you are going to select the style you want the borders to have, you can also change its size and color. Also to do this you can choose the Border Painter option and thus color the desired cells.

Now we will show you how add color to the background of a table that has already been shaded or has borders. To do this, you are going to first highlight those cells to which you want to set the background color. Also if you prefer you can use the keyboard shortcuts to select non-contiguous cells in the table.

set background color

Now you must hover the mouse cursor over a selected area or cell in the table and right-click. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen and in it you must choose the Borders and shading option, then you will click on the Shading tab. This action will generate a drop-down menu and in it you will select the Fill option.

Immediately a color palette will be displayed from which you can choose the one of your preference and you can alternate between the different colors. And so in this way is that you can put background color to the cells of a table in Word. You can even put text vertically in a Word table to give your work a different presentation.

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