How to Put Background Music in My Prezi Presentation Easily? (Example)

If you went through any educational system, be it university or college, you had to have made a presentation. Precisely about a program of presentations you will read today, since it is time to learn to put background music in my presentation with Prezi easily.

To be honest, once you had to have dreamed of being able to place the background music to that slide that looked so good on you.

If you thought that was impossible, then you were wrong, because very enterprising people have founded a company that allows you to do just that.

What is Prezi?

Before knowing how to easily put background music in my presentation with Prezi, it would be quite good to find out what this program consists of. You can create professional presentations with Prezi simply.

It is a presentation program but with the difference that its graphical interface works with the Zoom company. It allows people to have a wider view, closer or further away from the presentation.

Basically it is working with the operation of the clouds in computing and the payment system it uses is freemium. You must first register to be able to use the application completely free, only that paying users will have the right to Premium functions, such as working without Internet.

Also with the paid version you can prevent people from seeing all your presentations (free accounts are public). The information is not in the form of slides but is like an outline, which we can zoom in and out with our finger, in addition You can place videos and of course background music.

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It should be noted that not only can you see the online presentations (in a web browser window), but can also be downloaded freely, allowing you to share ideas with other people and expand. It also has special functions for students and teachers.

How to easily put background music in my presentation with Prezi?

How could you read this is the program to create presentations that anyone would dream of, having an easy-to-use interface and promoting group work.

Now, how can I put background music in my presentation with Prezi easily? The keyword is easy, because it will not take you a minute to do it.

The first thing is to open the application, once this is done click on the option that will appear on the screen called “Insert“Once this is done, another option will appear called” Add background music “.

It will come out for you to look for the song, once you have it select “Done“And voila, there will be a beautiful background music on top of the presentation.

If you want to delete it, you just have to go to the left part where there is a bar and choose the song you want to delete, a box will appear above it, click on it and that’s it.

Add a voiceover

Just like you can insert music and audio into a PowerPoint slide, if you are one of those who like to make a well loaded presentation, you probably want to add a voiceover as well and this is just as easy as the previous one in Prezi.

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You just have to go again to the bar on the left where the path appears, click on “Insert”And then in the option “Add an announcement to the passage of the route”, it will allow you to choose the file, do it and hit “Done” to finish.

Both the speech and the music can be placed in the same presentation, they will not collide with each other, because the program will automatically lower the music when it goes through the speech.

And that last thing has already been written, like put background music in my presentation with Prezi It should easily no longer be a doubt in your mind. So if everything went well, it’s time for you to sit down at your computer and start creating wonderful presentations.

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