How to Put Background Music to Copyright Free Videos with Camtasia Studio (Example)

How much time do you spend watching videos on your phone, computer or tablet? Whether recreationally, for general culture or for educational purposes, many people spend hours and hours in front of the screen watching videos. Hence the need to know put background music to copyrighted videos with Camtasia Studio.

This type of knowledge represents a key that opens many doors. Who are in charge of make videos to upload to the different platforms availablethey probably don’t have enough time. As it can also happen that they do not have the necessary knowledge for this task.

The importance of good background music

In marketing, color is a fundamental piece when designing an image that grab the user’s attention. In this way, the background music of an audiovisual piece also works. Not only does it keep the user attentive to the video, but you can even transmit certain sensations.

good background music camtasia studio

In addition, playing background music transmits airs of professionalism that will surely amaze more than one. In tutorial videos or courses, they are important, as it fills in the gaps that the person who has spoken may leave.

An element to consider

To edit this type of content there are endless tools available. However, the main problem will not be which software to choose. All platforms are constantly monitoring the content your users upload. This, mainly, in order to take advantage of music, avoiding copyright or copyright problems.

That is why some platforms have lists or libraries with songs that you can use without problems. Similarly, you can access audio banks in which you will pay certain amounts to use the songs.

Add background music to your video

Having touched the previous point, it is time to show you how put background music to non-copyrighted videos. The recommendation of this article, as mentioned at the beginning, will be Camtasia Studio.

This software is highly recommended for all those people who usually do tutorials. Through this program, you can record absolutely everything that happens on your computer.

Its interface is incredibly simple for all the scope of its tools. So if you don’t know how to use it yet, don’t worry, it won’t take long. Camtasia Studio will allow you to make audio and video edits with careful quality in a short time.

What should I know about Camtasia Studio?

Before you know put background music to videos without copyright, it is important that you know some aspects of this software. The main thing is the format (.camrec) of the videos you record with this program. The visualization of what you do will be possible through:

  • Camtasia Studio “Preview” function.
  • Camtasia Studio main screen.
  • Camtasia Player.

Another important point to discuss about this software is its language. It is not available in Spanish. So you must learn to handle English or another language to use it more effectively.

Step by step to add music with Camtasia Studio

Now yes, the moment of truth. Follow the instructions given here and you will know how put background music to non-copyrighted videos. As mentioned above, the interface of this software is really simple.

add music to video with camtasia studio

There are two options to add the music: the first, through the folder icon that represents the “import” option. The second, selecting the track and dragging it to the Camtasia Studio interface.

Once you have added the track to your video, use the tools that Camtasia Studio puts at your disposal. That way, you can adjust some aspects, such as controlling the volume of Camtasia Studio. Once you have made the changes that you consider necessary, it only remains that upload your video to the platform of your choice.

Get ready to receive many likes!

With this considerable increase in the quality of your videos, you will surely receive a lot of likes and positive comments. Marvel at how amazing Camtasia Studio is. Create audiovisual pieces with professional quality it has never been so easy. What are you waiting for? Put this simple but amazing software to the test and download it now!

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