How to Put Color Letters to the Name of your Server in Minecraft?

These days we are in the era of personalization, so everyone wants to have something unique that identifies them as individual and creative people (even in video games). With that in mind, the question will be answered today How to put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft?

This trick is not for less, since with a server That shines is sure that you will find many users who want to join, and thus you will achieve the goal of creating a huge community. In addition to the color change, you can also choose to put an image or icon on your server, to make it even more attractive.

How to put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft?

So that you can put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft, you have to take into account that you will need some color codes, which you must enter in certain sections within the game folders.

This can be achieved with different methods, the first of these is by introducing the code in the MOTD. If you want to do it you must go to your server folder and edit the file called (for this step you can use any text editor).

Once you are inside it, you must locate the line where it says MOTD (it is almost always the last in the list of options), then place the color code you want in front of each word, so that it acquires its color.

minecraft characters and an akdean

The color codes they are: u00A70 = black, u00A71 = dark blue, u00A72 = dark green, u00A73 = dark cyan, u00A74 = dark red, u00A75 = purple, u00A76 = orange, u00A77 = gray. u00A78 = dark green, u00A79 = Lilic, u00A7a = light green, u00A7b = light cyan, u00A7c = light red, u00A7d = pink, u00A7e = yellow, u00A7f = white, and voila, there is no more more.

An example of how to put them would be like this: if the server is called Miraashace, then you must put u00A73Mira u00A74as u00A75se u00A78hace. This will change the colors of the words and replace them with the appropriate ones.

This trick works with any type of server, so if you are going to play Minecraft online with a friend with or without Hamachi, or maybe if you want to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos, you can apply them and have colors without problems.

Server name change

With the above you already know how to change the MOTD, but to finish answering the question How to put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft? You must enter other codes, which will change the name that is seen in the large server.

For this you will need the NBTExplorer tool (you can download it anywhere on the internet), it will allow you to read the Minecraft files necessary for this process. Once you have it go to your folder “.Minecraft”.

Then “Servers.dat”, there look for the attribute “Yam”And edit it so that the name is left with the corresponding codes. In this case you must use the section sign (§) followed by a number, which will represent the color.

These codes would be: §0 black, §1 dark blue, §2 dark green, §3 dark water, §4 dark red, §5 dark purple, among others (the list can be found on the wiki).

minecraft red foxes

To place them you just have to put this symbol with its respective number in front of the word (as in the previous example) and voila, they will be colored.

Place section symbol

In the event that you do not know how to place the section symbol, you can do it with a combination of keys that will depend on your operating system and the keyboard you use, if you are from Windows with an international keyboard, it would be Altgr + shift + S, if it is a QWERTZ keyboard the combination is Shift + 3.

If you are a Mac with a keyboard US is OPT + 6, if it is extended OPT + 5If it is a CSA distribution, it would be: OPT + Shift + S. With a Linux operating system it would be Compose + S + O, and in Ubuntu Altgr + Shift + S O.

And voila, now you can say that you know the answer to How to put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft ?, and you also learned how to place the section symbology to be able to activate your colors.

Finally, together with the fact of adding colors, tricks can also be applied to promote or publicize my server, quickly.

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