How to Put Google Adsense Ads on a Blogger Blog

If you are one of the people who likes to write about interesting topicsYou may have a blog, and if you are passionate about this topic but you don’t have one yet, you will be happy to know that you can create a blog for free.

Having this way of expressing yourself will allow you, in addition to making yourself known, the ease of adding share buttons on social networks, and another very interesting type of benefit such as put ads to monetize your blog. This can be achieved using Google AdSense and in this article we will show you what steps to follow.

What is Google AdSense?

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It is a product of ad network. It allows you to place advertisements on the network so that publishers can earn income from them. Being an extension of Google, it is in charge of organizing and ordering these ads in association with Google Ads advertisers.

It uses a technology series to display ads. Take parameters such as your geographic location or the theme of your page as a reference to place ads that are consistent with the content. In this way, they guarantee to reach the public they are looking for and deliver advertisements that are useful to them.

How can you use this tool to post ads?

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The first thing you should do is access Blogger and click on the down arrow located at the top. Now click on the blog where you will put the ads and in the menu on the left you must choose the option Sign up for AdSense.

You must enter your data in Google AdSense such as mail, payment form etc. When finished, the system will redirect you to Blogger so that you can finish the process.

In order to display ads between your posts, you must go to Blogger and click the down arrow on the left. Select the blog where the ads will be and in the menu on the left select Design, choose a template and click next.

In Blog Posts under Page Body click Edit and then in Blog Post under Main also click Edit. In the window that will appear on the screen you must check Show ads between entries, choose the color you prefer for the ads as well as other settings and press Save.

If you are going to show the ads between the columns, then go to Blogger and in the menu on the left click Design and then Add Gadget. Next you must choose the AdSense Gadget and press Add. Set up and press Save and at the top right press Save design.

To display advertisements for other advertising services, go to Blogger, down arrow and select the blog where the ads will be published. Click Layout, select an area for your ads, and click Add Gadget.

In the window that will appear, you must locate the HTML / JavaScript option and click on add, (If you want you can add a title) copy the website code and paste it in the content section and hit Save.

To see your income, go to Blogger and select where you want to see this report and click on Income and then Go to AdSense to see the income details.

In the event that AdSense is not activated, you must go to Blogger, then select the down arrow, and in the Blogger panel select the blog where the ads will be. Select Design and in the AdSense Gadget press Edit and then Save.

Repeat the process again, select Design and then in the AdSense gadget press Edit. In Blog posts you must also press Edit and then Save, then Save design in the upper right.

If you are going to configure an ads.txt file, go to Blogger, then select the down arrow, select the blog where you will configure the ads.txt files. In Settings located on the left, you must click and tap on Search Preferences.

On Monetization You must choose the custom ads.txt option, press Edit and click yes. Now you must copy the setting from your external monetization provider and paste it into the text box.

Now you must click on Save configuration and if you wish, you can review the content of your ads.txt file. To be able to do this type of review, you must go to http: // /ads.txt

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