How to Put My Duolingo Profile in Spanish From Any Language Easily? (Example)

Undoubtedly, Duolingo is one of the preferred language learning platforms for Spanish speakers. Regardless of which language you decide to learn, you can always return to Duolingo in Spanish for a better understanding, this means that, if the Duolingo interface is put in a language that you do not know, you can always return to Spanish.

Using Duolingo is a practical way to learn new languages ​​from the comfort of your home, the best thing about this platform is that you can download directly on a mobile device or on a computer so accessing your courses is very easy.

Discover all the languages ​​that Duolingo offers you

One of the most outstanding features of Duolingo is that unlike many platforms for learning languages, in this you have an extensive list of languages ​​that you can learn from Duolingo in Spanish, that is, if you are a Spanish speaker, you will be able to access many courses where the base language is Spanish so you will never feel confused.

It is well known that the number of courses that Duolingo offers is very varied and can range from English to Korean, each of them with different levels of learning and lessons that when completed you can easily level up.

Now, regarding the languages ​​that Duolingo offers, the list is long and each of them are highly guaranteed and although some have fewer lessons, almost all work with the base language in Spanish.

official duolingo panels

On the other hand, it is important to note that the majority of Duolingo users are Spanish speakers who seek to study more than one language simultaneously, and Duolingo allows them to study more than one language at a time.

How can you put the Duolingo profile in Spanish?

Something that undoubtedly makes Duolingo stand out from the rest of the platforms for learning languages ​​is that has incredible technical support that is in charge of solving any doubt through its official page. Clarifying a doubt in Duolingo is a simple task and it does not take much time because in general the doubts that many users have are the same, so the answers are focused on them.

Regardless of the language you want to learn, if you do not have prior knowledge, you cannot use that language as your preferred language or base language, this means that if you are a beginner in English, the base language to be able to learn it cannot be in English, because in this way you would not understand anything of the description and lessons that are presented to you. For this reason base languages ​​must always be the language we master; in this case Spanish.

Follow these recommendations to put the Duolingo language in Spanish

If you are just starting out on Duolingo or have been using this application for a while, you will surely have noticed that has a fairly intuitive interface and easy to understand, in the same way, setting options or languages ​​is just as simple and does not take any time.

duolingo panel

To begin with, the flag that appears in the upper panel will always indicate the base language, this means that If the home page is in a language that you do not know, you only have to select the flag of the country whose language you speak or any other language that is similar to your base language to avoid confusion.

Many times users tend to put the interface in Chinese or Mandarin by mistake, and although it can be confusing, the Duolingo toolbars have intuitive icons that do not change regardless of the language in question.

Without a doubt, learn languages ​​with Duolingo is an extremely simple and easy task to perform no matter how little knowledge you may have.

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