How to Put My Keyboard in Korean Language for Typing on Any Device?

Writing in a large number of languages ​​has become a necessity for many people, especially when we are in distant situations and want to establish a conversation with people from another place or region of the world.

Most people use Google Translate to understand different types of languages, although there are ways to configure the keyboard on any device. For this reason, here we will guide you in how to configure your mobile devices changing language.

In this way, you will be able to get in touch with people from any region of the world, without any problem. Understanding how to configure the device is essential for you to add different types of people on your social networks regardless of the language they speak. In turn, you can acquire new knowledge about a new language.

Therefore, the main objective of this article is to teach you how to configure one of the most pleasant languages, keyboards in Japanese, Chinese, Greek, among many others, including Korean. The best thing is that to configure any of your devices or equipment, you only need a few easy steps.

Set devices to Korean language Android – iPhone

Writing in Korean is very easy, you just need to adjust some programs or settings. You will have to modify the keyboard due to the diversity of letters used in the Korean alphabet.

At the same time, it is important to note that most mobile devices, tablets or computers are configured with the Korean language. But it should not be ruled out that there may be exceptions on some computers.

To set the language in Android to Korean, what is recommended is to download from Google Play Store the keyboard “Gboard”. This application is very good, since it has accurate predictions and the advantage is that you can configure it not only in Korean but in the language of your choice.

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In turn, the language from a iPhone It can also be configured and you can do it using the Swiftkey Keyboard. In this way you can change the language and continue enjoying this new culture, it is time for you to get in touch with new friends or to enjoy your new job without problems.

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On Mac, you can go to the upper left and select the “menu” which takes you to several options. Select where it says “System preferences” then they should go to “language and region” and you must select the option “add”, finally select the Korean language and enjoy this new keyboard.

More configuration details to Korean

On Windows 7 They can be located in the lower part of the computer in the task bar and select where it says “IT IS”. This option will show which languages ​​are installed on the computer in “Show language bar”.

Next, click on said icon and you will be able to see the languages ​​that are installed on your computer, what you should do is click on “Show language bar”.

You must click on an arrow pointing downwards, click where it says configuration, then the option is selected “General” Y “Add” In the window that opens, the Korean language is selected.

In turn, you must click on the symbol “+” that appears and select again where it says Korean and then press “To accept”.

After doing these procedures it is recommended to go to “Installed services” there you will see the language you selected. Move it up so that it appears in the list of default languages, then press “Apply” and finally “To accept”.

It should be noted that technology advances more and more. That is why the Microsoft Windows operating system has built-in keyboards. You must go to “Start” look for the option “control panel” then select “Region and Language” click on “change keyboard” this is found in the tab that says “keyboards and languages”

After doing this procedure you must click “add”, click on the + symbol next to Korean and select the type of Korean language you want to install. You must give “accept” and finally “Okay”.

When you have completed these steps, you must select the option “EN” in the task bar, choose “KO Korean Korea” so that in this way you can configure the keyboard to this language.

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