How to Put or Add a Search Engine in the Header or Main Menu in WordPress

Add a search engine with WordPress To our blog or page is one of the best decisions we can make, the different users who enter our website, and are interested in the content we have created, generally tend to look where we have a search engine.

Searching for a search engine, worth the redundancy, within a blog or web page it is a frequent action by those who enter our interface. To avoid that they do not find it and be bothered by it, we explain how to put a search engine in the header with the help of WordPress.

How to put or add a search engine in the header or main menu in WordPress?

The steps to follow to put a search engine in the main menu in WordPress They are simple, however, a guide is needed so as not to get lost in the attempt.

The first thing we are going to do is enter WordPress and enter the desktop of our blog or previously created website. Once inside, we must go to plugins and in its search engine, located on the right side of the screen, we are going to write ‘Genesis Simple Sidebars’, and then we install it.

After installing it, we will proceed to activate it. When activated, we will detect that in the Genesis option on the right of our screen, there is now the ‘Simple Sidebars’ button. We will click there, and create a new sidebars or bar in WordPress, establishing a name and an ID to identify it.

When creating the new Sidebars, in the Appearances> Widgets section we will see the new option of the name that we established for the new bar, on the right side of the screen. We will click on it and drag here the search bar that found under ‘Available Widgets’.

add search engine header main menu wordpress

This last action is the one that also applies when creating a drop-down menu with WordPress; and now we would only have ‘tell our staff’ where we want this bar to appear.

How to configure the template to add a search engine in the header in WordPress?

To indicate within the template where we want the search bar to appear, we will go to the Appearance> Editor option and click on ‘Theme functions’.

At this point in the process, it should be noted that this is the way we can manually update a theme in WordPress, without losing anything. From here, what we will do is consider two very important things.

The first one is to have a previously saved schedule, with which the place or area of ​​the page will be added for the search engine to be added, which in this case will be on the header or main menu of our page.

Y the second is to copy the exact name that we have put to our sidebars or bar, in a previous step of WordPress. In this way then, in the final part of the template, with the configuration codes on our page, we are going to write // search engine in the menu.

This is done with the purpose of locating the programming that we have, and we now proceed to paste it under this section. In this way, the process is completed, with the respective search engine added to your page.

Why put or add a search engine in the main menu or in the header with WordPress?

From what was explained above, you can imagine the answer to why use WordPress for this. And it is basically for the simplicity of the process, which consists of the application of a plugin. For this reason, if you use Blogger to edit your page, we recommend migrating to WordPress so that you have more facilities in your template.

search engine for wordpress main menu

WordPress is phenomenal when it comes to applying plugins, especially if it is in favor of a configuration or customization of this platform so that editors and different Internet publishing entities work in a more effective and efficient way.

With WordPress you can put the search engine or search bar in the place you want, you just have to indicate where to the platform, and in a simple way like using a plugin, everything you want will be configured.

To the add a search engine with WordPress, the users who enter your page will appreciate it and will be pleased with the experience provided.

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