How to Put or Add a Text, Watermark or Logos to a Video with VLC? (Example)

If you are a fan of technology and having the best programs on your computer, you surely know VLC. One of the most used multimedia players in the world. However, you may not know all the tricks it hides, which will even help you edit your videos. This includes, add text or watermark to video with VLCFind out how you can achieve this and more.

What is VLC?

It responds to the acronym VideoLAN Client since its creation in 1996. And it has become the player par excellence of many, even going so far as to displace the Windows Media player. Everyone probably prefers VLC, although many do not know what makes it so good.

First of all, you can get it for free and it is compatible with almost all multimedia formats and operating systems. Its playability ranges from the lowest quality through BlueRay’s, DVD and even the heaviest 4K. East player it is friendly and its interface is quite simple and with its update it has grown to become more versatile.

Like any program, it is normal that VLC at some point has a problem, but for those common problems there are quick solutions.

Player tricks, learn how to add a text or watermark to a video with VLC

As we already mentioned, this broker of multimedia files, has been growing, and has many hidden tricks. These include converting files, applying filters, creating puzzles, and adding a text or watermark to a video with VLC. Find out below! What are you waiting for?

Another change or edit that you can do to your video is to rotate or flip it, and VLC gives you the option of being able to save the changes permanently.

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Add text or watermarks or logos

The good thing about this feature is that you no longer need to go around with a video editor and you can do this simple task on your own. Keep in mind that if you insert a logo, it is not too big or heavy.

  • First go to “Tools“From which you choose the option”Effects and Filtros “will open, a configuration box from which you must select”Video Effects”.
  • Find the tab “Overlap“In which you will see the options”Add Logo“Or”Add Text“With its relevant settings to be modified as you like.
  • With the three dots icon, you can select the file from your computer that you want to add. With the controls you can adjust the opacity so that it looks like a watermark. And if it’s text, you just have to write what you want and configure it.
  • Once this process is finished, press “Keep“Or “Shut down” and voila, now you have managed to add a text or watermark to a video with VLC.

Use videos as wallpaper

On the menu “Tools“, Choose”preferences”. In the icons at the top choose “Video“A drop-down list will appear, select”Video output”. To apply the changes “Keep”.

Close the program, and once you reopen it, right-clicking on the video, access the option “Video” within which you will see “Set as Wallpaper”. With this, the playback will go to the background, and you can work in other windows while watching anything and you can even leave out the full screen mode.

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Record from your Webcam

This feature may surprise you, but it is possible to achieve it. Perhaps it is not as complete as a high-end equipment, but if you want to start recording videos from home, this is your opportunity, in addition to videos you can also record audios. Also, with the previous tricks, you can add a text or watermark to a video with VLC to make it more yours.

In the top bar of options, select “Half” Y “Open Capture Device”. On

the options under capture mode choose “DirectShow”. Press “play“To capture only parts of the video that interest you the most or”Turn into”To record an entire session.

Although the taskbar is a very useful Windows tool, when using the full screen of VLC it tends to be a bit annoying, that is why you have the option of removing it to be able to enjoy your movie without problems.

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