How to Put or Add a Watermark in the Background of an Outlook Mail (Example)

The communication it has always been an important factor when establishing social, work or academic relationships. The need to communicate with people who are miles from you has existed forever.

That is why humanity has been constant when it comes to engineer methods, ways, channels and ways to convey, at least, a warm greeting to the other person.

Thanks to the birth and development of the digital age, these communicative tasks are easier to carry outmainly thanks to the internet. From any computer or mobile device, you have the possibility of accessing any communication service to send almost any type of information.

The use of email

If there is a communication channel that has managed to stand out and maintain itself over so many years, it has been the email clients.

Although currently they are not close to their highest peak of use, it is still one of the preferred ways for institutions, companies and any other type of organization to get information of interest to any number of people.

The disuse of electronic mail may be due, essentially, to the informality that characterizes the way of send communications currently.

Complex and elegant email formats are no longer needed if you can do everything in a much more direct and peculiar way through an instant messaging application.

Much more than you can imagine

However, beyond how extremely useful it can be to have instant messaging applications, the time will come when you need learn to handle the interface of an email service.

More than you can imagine

It may not attract your attention at first, but once you know all the potential that the functions and tools of the different email clients hide, rest assured that you will not stop using this medium to send any kind of information and files to your family and friends.

Impossible not to talk about Outlook

One of the services of emails The most popular was Hotmail, which, it is said, had more than 320 million users worldwide, ranking for years as the most used.

But everything has its time and when it comes to this type of service, renovations are constant and totally necessary. Between mid-2012 and early 2013, Microsoft decided it was time to make major changes, and among those changes, Outlook emerged.

Important changes

Although you may think that it is just another simple mail service, Microsoft turned Outlook into a much more complete alternative than Hotmail.

Not only because of the tools implemented for structuring of elegant and professional emails, but also for its integration features to other platforms such as social networks and cloud storage.

The watermark

The watermark

Within the long list of tools that you can find in Outlook, you will surely appreciate one that enjoys a certain popularity: the watermark. As well as it can be very important For document writing, it can even be a funny element when writing an email.

How to add it?

Regardless of whether it is an element that brings seriousness and style or simply for fun, Outlook offers you the possibility of use a watermark on all emails you send and here you have a series of simple instructions for you to learn how to use it.

  • Create a new email.
  • Click on the “Options” tab.
  • Access the “Page Color” category to later select the “Fill Effects”.
  • If it is an image, you can click on the “Image” option to select it and add it as a watermark.
  • Click on accept and thus enter the text that will be displayed above the watermark.

An extremely easy task

With these brief instructions, you will have already added a watermark to the email you are composing, something that, without a doubt, will powerfully attract attention of all the people whom you place as recipients of the message.

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