How to Put or Add Custom Borders to Slides in PowerPoint? (Example)

Everyone knows that the best program for making slides is called PowerPoint. Not only because it is from Microsoft, but also because of the infinity of functions that it stores and hides within it. That is why it is today’s appointment, so you can learn how you can put or add custom borders to slides in PowerPoint.

And it is that, in this age, everyone wants their creations to look as much like themselves as possible. For this reason, companies today are adding more and more options that allow all their users or consumers to customize all aspects of a product, until they become their own (in PowerPoint you can even add numbers to the slides of a presentation , I mean it’s on another level).

Put or add custom borders to slides in PowerPoint

The first thing you have to know before starting is that there is no specific tool within this program to carry out the task to create a border.

So to be able to put or add custom borders to the slides in PowerPoint, you are going to have to use your imagination and follow the processes that you will see below. Number one is to: create a border using shape outlines.

If you want to achieve this, you have to go to the section called “Insert“And then to the drop-down menu”Shapes”, From there select a rectangle shape (this is the one that best adapts to the outline of a slide).

logo power point pencil ruler

To square it, you must place the cursor in the upper left corner and click on it, then without releasing it, drag it to the lower right corner. With this you will already have square the edge. Now go to the section called “Format”(This appears once you create a shape and is located in the upper right corner). There click on the dropdown “Form fill”, this will bring up a window where you can enable the checkbox “Unfilled”.

That last, it will leave your slide with a border of the color you want (in the previous section you can also choose a color). Optionally, you can also right-click the border, to get the option “Form format”. In this, you will be able to edit the line to give it the appearance you want it to have, such as: wider, thinner, transparent, among others.

Image search by Bing to insert the border

With what you saw previously you can now put or add custom borders to the slideshow in PowerPoint. However, there is another way that you should not work as much, but you must have the internet connected to do it.

If that’s the case, go to the top toolbar and hit “Insert“, then “Online images”, with that you will see a Bing search box. In it, you must look for a phrase or word that identifies what you are looking for, such as: floral borders, line borders, among others. When you find one that you like, click on the button that is named “Get in”.

microsoft powerpoint icon

Next, when your results appear, choose the one you want and click on the button “Insert”, Which is located at the bottom right. And voila, with that you can add the borders you want just with a simple click (you can also insert or put a video, in other things on the slides). So the question has been fully answered How to put or add custom borders to slides in PowerPoint?

Now go to your application and apply one of these two tricks (or both), so that you finally have some decorated and personalized slides. Remember that the style you give it is the one that will represent you when other people see it, so don’t be afraid to get creative And do something dazzling, like make a light or lighting effect, or do the writing or typewriter effect, so that when someone looks at your work they feel nothing but emotion.

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