How to put or change the language in LoL / League of Legends in Spanish or English? (Example)

LoL or League of legends is undoubtedly one of the MOBA video games best known all over the world. Surely you will not find an arena battle game that is better than this, and that also so many users endorse. Nobody who calls himself Gamer will say that he has no knowledge about him, because in this style he is part of the top.

It has been embedded in the lives of many to the point of being a source of inspiration for cosplaying characters, books and comics. Whether because of its style, graphics or the story it tells, there is no doubt that it has managed to break boundaries. If you are interested in knowing when League of Legends was created and came out and created the LoL, we invite you to read the following link.

For the creators this meant an opportunity to create versions according to player regions, and in this way be more attractive. And although at first glance there is no option to modify the language to try one of these versions if possible.

If you want break the language barrier and experiencing a new version of this video game you are in the right place. In this article we will show you how you can do it so that you enjoy your experience to the fullest in each game.

If for some reason you do not know what video game we are talking about, but you want to know, do not worry, here we will talk about it.

What is a MOBA game?

MOBA is the acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena refers to those multiplayer strategy video games in real time. In it, one character per user is handled and naturally they have special abilities that are useful for their team. In this way they face the opposing team to try to defeat it.

What is League of legends?

League of Legends cover

It is mostly known by its acronym LoL and as mentioned above this is a video game that belongs to the genre MOBA with online multiplayer. Developed Riot Games For Windows users, it is considered an electronic sport where players work as a team to win.

The objective of the game is destroy the opposing team’s Nexus, for this they have to face obstacles or Turrets. LoL presents in its structure three game modes that you can try: Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss and Teamfight Tactics.

Your character starts out weak, but with the necessary perseverance and good performance your champion will be able to reach the maximum level. The games will last about 15 min maybe up to an hour depending on the tactics and strategies of teams in combat. If you want to learn more about this video game in the following link we will teach you in more detail what League of Legends is and an Introduction to LoL for beginners.

How to put or change the language in LoL / League of Legends in Spanish or English?

League of Legends gameplay

Although this do not affect At no time may the operation of the video game as a user have a personal preference.

For some users it is a real adventure just the fact of perhaps being able to experience everything in the original language of the game.

Seeking to become familiar with something you like is reasonable. Either because you wait better understand the game options in your native language or because you are trying something new. Here we will show you how easily you can modify the language in LoL, just pay attention to the procedure and learn this trick.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is access the shortcut by right-clicking and then selecting the option “Properties”.

Step 2

After this a tab will appear where you must locate the option “Open location”, you will be directed to the folder where this is saved.

Step 3

There go to the “Settings” folder, which is commonly easy to find, if not, use the following path: C: Riot Games League of Legends Config.

Step 4

Once inside the folder you should find the file with the name of “LeagueClientSettings” where the game settings are located.

Step 5

After accessing the file, you only have to look for the corresponding code, it will appear as “Locale” followed by the description it has.

You can modify this parameter according to the language you hope to obtain. It is crucial that you do not modify another parameter without knowing it because you could deconfigure everything.

Step 6

Now, if you expect LoL to be in Spanish, place “Es_ES” and if you expect it to be in English put “en_US”. At the end of the language modification you must preserve what you did, here you just have to click on “File” to “Save”.

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