How to Put or Create a White Background for My Photos in Photoshop the Easy Way

If you have wondered how to put or create a white background for my photos in Photoshop? And you want to do it in a simple way, as a basic tool you have to use the Adobe Photoshop app. Or if you prefer you can also use the web version.

White background It has been accompanying publishing since its inception, being a tool to focus attention on the image and have a more solid view of the object in question.

First method to create a white background in photos in Photoshop

For the first method, we will use the tool Quick Selection that Photoshop has installed by default, we can find it in the left panel of number three from top to bottom.

From the top panel, you can select the size and shape that you want the pointer to adopt, so that it is easier for you to start selecting all the space that you are going to transform into white. Then you will have to start shading the background of the image, everything you want to be white, you must start by clicking on a corner and dragging the mouse to cover the rest of the area.

This process should be done very calmlySo that only the background is taken in the selection and you do not grab parts that you are not looking for, move the mouse slowly over the outline of the image.

put create white background for my photos with photoshop

Once you have everything ready you have to press the ‘Del’ key On your keyboard, doing so will open a small window where you can choose the background color you want, the opacity and the mode, here you just have to click on accept and the layer will be applied.

If you are doing this process for the photo of a legal document, you can help yourself with other tools such as teeth whitening in an image. Also remove any other excess objects from the photo.

Second method to create a white background in photos in Photoshop

To start we will add a white layer below the photo and then take advantage of the lasso tool, with which we can quickly select the part we want to erase. This is on the left side of the screen and has three variants, the normal, the polygonal and the magnetism.

In this case we can use the one that is most comfortable for us, according to the line that the image has or the photo that we are fixing, the polygonal is good for straight lines or closed angles and on the other hand the magnetism is called that because it adheres to the outline of the image, being one of the most used for these tasks.

One time let’s select one of the three options, we will have to follow the outline of everything we want to eliminate, this is done slowly and it is even advisable to zoom the image in the most careful parts such as the hair or between the fingers.

When we have selected the entire background, we will only have to press delete or delete on the keyboard and the background will disappear. In case you have a work team and they count different conversions of the app, you can save your work in compatibility mode.

Third method to create a white background in photos in Photoshop

If any of the above steps seem too complicated or you just want to explore other ways to delete funds In the images, what better tool than the one with the same name. To use it, you will also have to first create a blank layer located below the one that we will edit.

put create a white background with photoshop

With this tool you only have one value to move, which is called ‘tolerance’ which is good for have about a 25% to 30%, and its use is very simple, when you select it an arrow will appear in the center and around a circle, to apply it you have to place the arrow on the background directly and be careful not to select part of the image with the first click.

Since this tool is based on the first click to know what the background is, you just have to give a long click and drag everything you want to erase. With this it will be finished.

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