How to Put or Edit the Information of a Song Automatically in Windows?

Organizing image and music files on our computers or mobile devices is something that we should all consider. Given this, we have prepared this tutorial in which we will talk about How to put or edit the information of a song automatically in Windows?

Song tags in digital formats

There are different digital audio file formats, such as mp3 or FLAC. In addition, it is very common for most of them to have labels. Tags are a space in which information related to audio tracks is stored.

The tags contain information related to the name of the album, the year of publication, the name of the artist, the name of the song. In addition, they have information that makes it easier to organize your audio files.

Performing the track-by-track organizing procedure can be a strenuous process, but the truth is that you can edit the information of a song or multiple songs in a very automatic. For this the most common that programs designed for this purpose are used. Read the information below to learn more about it.

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How to put or edit the information of a song automatically in Windows?

Mp3 Tag is an excellent application for edit song tags or of several songs without major inconveniences. You can do this task manually, although there is also the possibility of accessing databases. These provide all the information related to the album or songs you want to edit. You can even add lyrics and images to songs easily.

The editing process with Mp3 Tag It is quite simple, in any case if you have doubts regarding the program, we recommend that you read the following guide carefully. Be careful, don’t be fooled by the name, as the program is compatible with many audio files

Download and install the Mp3 Tag application

  1. The first thing you should do is download the Mp3 Tag application, you can do it through the following link
  2. Once you are inside the page, click on the download link, you will easily recognize it because they have the name of the program, the version and ends in “Setup.exe”. When you press on it, you must wait until the download is finished, a very fast process since the program weighs very little.
  3. Once the program has been downloaded, proceed to install it.

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Use the Mp3 Tag application to put or edit the information of a song

  1. It is time to use the application to edit the information of the songs automatically, for this open Mp3 Tag.
  2. Once Mp3 Tag is open, you must drag all those files to which you want edit the information.
  3. Taking into account the above, it is best to add all the files belonging to the same album, to facilitate the process.
  4. Once you have added all the files, select them within the application, then go to the section “Tag source”. In this section you will find multiple alternatives, however we recommend using “MusicBrainz”.
  5. When you have opened the previous function, the system will ask you to enter the album and artist name, provide this information and click on “next”.
  6. The search results will be displayed on the screen, select the one that matches the content of the CD you are editing and click on next.
  7. In the next screen the information of the disc will be shown, in the same way you have a space to automatically organize the tracks. If everything is correct, just click on “Accept”.
  8. After doing this, the application will add the information, which also includes the coverIf you already have a cover, you must confirm its replacement by clicking on “Yes”.
  9. It is very important that you press on the small button “Keep” located above and to the left, so that the information that has been edited previously is saved.

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