How to Put or Insert a Header and Footer in Microsoft Access

By purchasing a Microsoft Office package, we are sure to realize all the wonderful tools that it includes. We can do a lot with them, from true quality documents to easy, reliable accounting. For example, we have Microsoft Access; and if you want to use it better, in this article we will show you how to put or insert a header and footer in Microsoft Access.

Although this tool launched by Microsoft is not one of the best known or used, it actually has a lot of potential for those who have to create or manipulate some database. We encourage you to keep reading and discover how to get more out of Microsoft Access quickly and easily.

How to insert a header or footer in Microsoft Access?

Over the years, it has become increasingly necessary for us to know how to correctly manipulate the tools that technology gives us; and in the case of Microsoft Office it is no exception. With the exponential increase in teleworking or home office and studying from home, many of us have had to learn to use the tools Microsoft offers us well.

But surely you are wondering what you can use Access for in your daily life. Well, although it is not the most popular of all, the Access computer program allows us to create, manage and edit databases of great importance in a professional manner. This design tool is ideal for those who have large companies or simply want to handle large amounts of data with ease.

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Now, when creating reports in Access, we surely want to customize them in a way that is easier to understand and manage. That’s why below we show you how to insert a header or footer in Microsoft Access.

Steps to insert a header in Microsoft Access

Although it may sound a bit complicated, the steps to achieve this are very simple if you have managed to install Microsoft Office and know how to use it correctly. The steps to follow are:

  • To get started, go to the report you want to edit.
  • Once there, go to the ribbon and click on the icon “Sight”.
  • Now, change the view to “Design”.
  • In the report you will see how the different fields will be reflected in gray stripes, including the header.
  • If it doesn’t have enough space to write on it, resize it by dragging its edges.

That’s all! Now, if you want to write in that heading, you just have to go to the “Design” tab, choose the “Controls” option and add a label to the option with that name. Then draw the label on top of the heading space and start typing whatever you want. Sure, you can also insert a title in an Access form if you want.

How to insert a footer in Microsoft Access?

Now that we have answered your first question, you are surely wondering how to add a footer in Microsoft Access. Well, the simple steps to follow to achieve it are:

  • To begin, go to the “Navigation Panel” to open your Access report or form.

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  • Once this is done, choose the option “Design Vision” to open it in this format.
  • Once inside, click on the right button found in the body of the form.
  • Press the option “Header or footer” among the options available there.
  • Choose the part in which you want to place the footer, since your report or form may be divided into groups.

Clever! As with the header, you can add text by inserting a tag in the same way we explained above. Lastly, you can also save your form or report in Microsoft Access by pressing the “CTRL + S” keys on your own keyboard.

On the other hand, there are also other options that you can use when using Access. For example, you have the option of converting data to uppercase easily if you wish, to further customize everything you do.

We hope that all this information can be of great use to you, and we encourage you to continue learning more to use all the wonderful tools of Microsoft Office.

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