How to Put or Insert a Word Document on a Web Page (Example)

Currently many people are devoting themselves to the creation of web pages, where they expose their ideas, criteria and information or training article. And most of these contents that are included in the web sites are usually transcribed using the Word program. And it is for this reason that we have created the following article to explain you how to put or insert a Word document on a web page.

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But this option is not allowed by any web page that is the inserting a document either created in Word or PDF or some other with identical characteristics. But do not worry, we are going to show you a very effective trick that will allow you to perform this operation without any problem and it is about making use of Google Drive and we will create documents with Google Docs.

It is impressive as different alternatives that we can use to be able to solve problems that apparently have no solution. And thanks to the help of these tutorials, you can even know how to insert a YouTube video into a Word document in a very simple way.

How to put or insert a Word document on a web page

Google offers you, through its different free services, practical solutions with which you will create a new document or modify it through this suite. Also, if you wish, you can upload your Word document to the application cloud or through the website itself. After you have made the document thanks to this service, you can insert it without problem on the web.

Below we will indicate the steps to follow in order to put or insert a Word document on a web page. This regardless of whether the document is saved on your PC or you upload them directly to the website that offers the service. In either of the two ways you will have to enter Google Drive, remember that you must have a Gmail account.

Steps to put or insert a Word document on a web page

Once you have entered Google Drive, you must mark the document, then go to the menu at the top of the screen. Now click on the More option to display the menu and now select the Open with Google Drive Viewer option. This action will allow the document to open in Google Docs.

The next step is to go to File then you must select the option Insert link or Insert Word file or depending on the file you are trying to insert. Now a window will be displayed and in it you will copy the code that is located under Paste HTML to insert it into a website. Now you can paste this code, put it or insert it in your web page.

What you have done is convert your document into an HTML file, and in this way it is possible to insert it into your website without any problem. This is the easiest way to insert any document, as we already told you before. But if you want to do this directly from the Word application, it can be a bit of a complicated process.

But in essence, you will be able to transform the document into a HTML page, which is what you need to be able to carry out the insertion. And in this way you will be able to publish your article in a forum that you have created or in the place you choose for it. This is possible using the Word settings, but as we already mentioned it is a somewhat cumbersome process.

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So the method that we show you is the simplest way you have to put or insert a Word document on a web page. And in this way we have reached the end of this article that will help you a lot so that you can solve the complication you had to publish your article on the web.

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