How to Put or Insert the Chip or Sim Card to my Samsung Galaxy A Cell Phone

Chips or SIM cards are essential to properly use and get the most out of mobile devices. Well, on these depend that you can access the different telephony servicesIn addition to the fact that they also serve to store certain types of information, it is even possible to use the SIM card to save contacts.

On the other hand, part of the correct operation of these SIM cards or chips depends on the proper installation of them. That is, you must know the correct way to put or insert a chip in your cell phone.

For this reason, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to put or insert a chip or SIM card to your Samsung Galaxy A cell phone.

How to open the slot of a Samsung Galaxy A?

One of the main causes of damage to mobile devices or to any of the different slots that they have, is that users do not know the proper way to handle it each of these different aspects.

sim tray and memory for the phone

In this specific case, that is, for you to open the Samsung Galaxy A slot properly for insert or insert a chip or SIM card, it is essential that you handle your phone while it is switched off to reduce damage to the device’s software.

Subsequently, you must locate a small hole that is on the left side of the device, in which you must enter the corresponding key and exert a little pressure to open said SIM slot.

In this way, you will have accessed the Slot of a Samsung Galaxy A successfully and without problems, therefore, only you must be careful while handling this accessory of your device. In order to do so, avoid any type of mishaps that could arise due to improper handling.

What type of chip or SIM card does a Samsung Galaxy A have?

Once you have opened or removed the tray corresponding to the chip or SIM card of your Samsung Galaxy A cell phone, following the instructions in the previous section to avoid damage, you will notice that there are three different slots to insert micro cards.

slot and tray for sim

The devices Samsung Galaxy A are a range of dual cell phones, that is to say, they have two slots to insert a chip in each one of them. So if you want to have two lines you will not have to activate a virtual SIM card in your device. Now, as for the appropriate size that these SIM cards must have, it is the nano size of the chips.

It is important that you know the importance of insert a SIM card or chip of the correct size, otherwise, it could get stuck in the cell phone tray. So if you have a larger chip, there are ways you can easily convert a SIM card to MicroSim.

How to put or insert a chip or SIM card to my Galaxy A cell phone?

After you have at your disposal the tray to insert a chip or SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy, the first thing you should know is that the largest opening, of the three that this tray has, is intended to be inserted into it. an SD memory card. Therefore, the other two remaining slots correspond to the nano chips.

In case you have a single chip or SIM card, you must insert it into the slot identified as SIM1Although if you put this in the SIM2 slot, your Samsung Galaxy A device will recognize it anyway and it will work perfectly.

On the other hand, the correct way to insert or put a chip or SIM card in the corresponding slot, is with the metal part of each of these facing down. So the part that has letters or identifications goes upwards, that is, directed towards the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A.

Finally, once you have put or inserted the chip or SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy A cell phone, you just have to carefully insert the tray in the corresponding slot of your device and that’s it. In this way you will achieve put the SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy A cell phone successfully.

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