How to Put or Install a Minimap in Minecraft – Complete Tutorial

Surely you have heard of Minecraft, a game that has many people hooked. Children and adults enjoy the functions of this game, its characteristics allow to build big and difficult things, and to venture into designing and reforming their scenarios. Something very practical is that you have many options to make modifications, such as put or install a minimap in Minecraft.

It is possible that when starting in this world of Minecraft the uncertainty arose, of how to execute this function. That is why this time we will focus on offering you in detail how to install the Minimaps, which will make your more entertaining games. You can play with your friends online, and stand out with your highly custom builds.

What are minimaps?

It’s a small map shown at the top right of the game screen, shows the axis, and cardinal points. It also gives you guidance to recognize the entire playing area, you can even zoom and enlarge the minimap.

How to install the minimap?

With the following tutorial, you will achieve the successful installation of your minimap on your computer, whatever you have, follow these steps right away:

Install minimap in Minecraft

  1. Download the Minecraft map you want to have in the game, remember it must be compatible according to Minecraft version you have on your computer. And preferably keep the download on the desktop for easy access and have no complications when locating it.
  2. Go to the Windows search engine and put% appdata%, opening the file folder will show several folders, click and select Minecraft. Then select the mods folder, and this is where you will find the minimap file folder and drag it there.
  3. Then you can close or minimize as you prefer, and open Minecraft, select play and you can immediately notice the minimap in the upper right. With the Z key you can zoom (maximize or minimize), with the M you can make it large and can move any side.

And voila, you will be able to enjoy the options to modify, mark built places that will then be shown on the map. The minimap shows you information about the environment, blocks, players and gives you the option to build portals and teleport wherever it is.

What if you have problems with Mods when putting or installing a minimap in Minecraft?

Well, in this case, you will need to take some very important steps so that you can fix the fault and keep enjoying your favorite game:

  • Possibly it may happen that when updating Minecraft the mods that you had previously installed are not compatible with the new version. Therefore, you will have to download and install the mods for the new version, so that it will allow you to install minimaps that match the version.
  • It may happen that they are deactivated, for this go to the Minecraft menu and check in the mods folder if you can activate them again. If the solution to the problem is successful, then you can see your saved worlds again, continue playing and enjoying your minimaps.

Explore Minecraft using a minimap

  • It is important that you always check minecraft mods, to reinstall them you must go to ‘appdata’, then to the roaming folder. Then select Minecraft, click Bin, Minecraft.jar and extract them, it is always advisable to check how to do it, before installing them.

New in the use of minimaps!

Because it is so popular and practical, it is a game tool that allows the youngest public to easily manage its options. So, since this game is being proposed to the educational field, it is not surprising then promotes, motivates and stimulates creativity of the players.

Do not wait any longer, venture to put or install a minimap in Minecraft, because through this guide you can properly install this tool. We invite you to have fun with Minecraft modes and its excellent minimaps and you will see that practical and educational it will be for you.

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