How to Put or Make the Damage You Do or Do You See in ARK: Survival Evolved – View ARK Damage

If you are one of the players of ARK: Survival Evolved you will know that this is a video game that is characterized by being endurance and survival. And it is that, in this digital adventure, we must use what is necessary, weapons and prehistoric creatures, to save our lives.

So knowing when they are attacking us, our community or the damage we do to the enemy is useful and even vital. In this article, we will explain the steps you have to take to see the damage in ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK Survival Evolved

It is a fascinating game for lovers of challenges and adventures and those who do not care much about the time that is invested. There are attractive, varied scenarios available, mainly similar to life on an island without more than fighting to survive.

When creating a male or female character, he finds himself in the need to fight, feed, attack and among his enemies are giant dinosaurs. In fact, there is one of these so-called Taps and knowing where to find them and how to feed them can help you in your next game.

Living this experience is within reach of those who have Xbox One, Ps4, but you can also download it on your Android device in the application store. Now, like any good player we must know the tricks to become more skilled, so let’s learn how to see the damage in ARK Survival Evolved:

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How to put or make it show the damage you do or are done in ARK: Survival Evolved- View ARK damage

The steps to know the damage you do or they do to you in ARK: Survival Evolved are very simple, they are the following:

  • If you are playing, you have to pause to go to main menu.
  • While on the menu, go to the part that says “Hot / Local”.
  • Once in this interface, you will see many options, you are going to press where it says “More”, in Spanish More.
  • In the list that appears, look for the one that says “Show Floating Damage Text”, which translated is: See Floating Damage Text.
  • In the box next to this option, you must click it to mark that we want to activate that choice.

All right, once these steps are done, the user needs to start a game to confirm that this procedure is active. When you find yourself playing, you can pause and go to options and there you will also see the words “See damage” in the list.

Again i know confirm the choice by clicking and waiting for a mark to appear inside the box and voila, we return to the game. It can be seen later that when shooting a dinosaur or another creature, the percentage of the damage dealt appears on the screen.

This option is very important as mentioned at the beginning because it allows us to know in the first place they attack us or a dinosaur of ours.

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If they are attacking one of our creatures that we leave somewhere without a care, the numbers that are reflected on the screen will be yellow. The numbers that appear in red mean they are attacking an enemy and those in green is when you are attacking someone. So you can see from afar when your tribe is being harassed by will be reflected on the screen and you can go to their aid.

On the other hand, this game has many weapons of all sizes and peculiarities, with this option to see damage, you will choose better with which to attack. Since knowing the percentage of damage, you can know if a weapon is tipped less or more percentage than with another.

To play!

Once we learn all the tricks and maneuvers that make us more skilled, we will learn to survive and have more fighting options. For example, did you know which is the best map in ARK? Knowing these details will help you live a more brilliant experience.

Also, if you use the command to do it during the day or at night, it would serve you to obtain special benefits in ARK. So now you know, if you follow these steps you will be a mighty warrior in ARK Survival Evolved and you will manage to survive and protect your tribe.

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