How to Put or Post a PDF File on Twitter step by step

If you have a Twitter account and you use this platform frequently to share, post information or it is your work environment; It is likely that at some point you have asked yourself, How can I publish PDF files?

Now you are in the right place; since in this step by step, we are going to teach you how to load PDF files in your Twitter account, so that you have your account up to date with the information that you require of work or of interest.

Post a PDF to a Twitter thread

So that we can load or upload a PDF file on Twitter, we must first make a tweet; and then locate the desired PDF that is located on the internet. This is because the Twitter platform does not allow you to upload files to your account; Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, which allows you to do this without major inconvenience.

But this does not prevent, because by sending a tweet that has the PDF file in its link, it will allow users who access this thread to go directly to the web page that contains the PDF file to interact or download the information.

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You should keep in mind that the PDF must reside online, before it can be shared on the Twitter platform. This means, it is not possible to upload or attach a tweet as the procedure is done for a photo or video. Therefore, it provides a link where the PDF can be located on the web, by clicking the link and the followers of the account will be able to access and read the file.

Steps to upload and attach a PDF on Twitter

So that we can perform this task, we are going to upload to a web, cloud or blog storage service such as: Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud; After this, copy the address of the web page or the URL link to paste in the tweet to be published.

At the same time, you can use the Store web services and special tweet such as: TwitDoc, FileSocial and File Twt, to upload and share the PDF that we require since it is possible there, by means of the authorization to the Twitter account.

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It is important to keep in mind that these aforementioned services impose size on their files which has certain time limits and restrictions to files that are saved on these online platforms.

How to shorten a link and its advantages for a Twitter URL

Links to URLs can be excessively long and taking into account its character limit it is subject to 140 per tweet, to be possible the publication of the information we necessarily need to cut it.

To solve this problem that was presented to users of the platform, in a convenient way, the incorporated ‘Twitter’ service is designed to automatically paste the PDF link in the text box of the tweet.

In this way, the shortened Twitter link is always edited; For which it generates after this number a predictable 118 characters for an accompanying message.

While third URLs shortened with the‘; can reach many more links, these generated in Twitter can warn you as a user that the linked content of a tweet can be malicious.

This means which can lead to a fake link to access your computer, mobile or equipment and services associated with your accounts and personal data or a virus that may affect your equipment and integrity as a user.

Therefore, shortened Twitter links are more reassuring and motivate the user to access to enjoy the information safely; without neglecting care and caution when consulting a web link.

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