How to Put or Remove Margin Guides in Microsoft Publisher (Example)

Microsoft Publisher is known as a program which performs desktop publishing functions, which is included with the set of programs of the Microsoft Office suite. This program is linked to the Word suite of applications since you even have the possibility of importing a Word text document into Publisher. With it you can make different types of files.

Among all the great files we can create, files like banners, newsletters, or flyers stand out. However, as this is an application similar to the toolbar offered by the Word application, within it, you will be able to make use of various graphic options such as inserting or editing images within this program, which will give you the possibility of create any type of project.

In today’s post, we want to provide you with some steps, which will help you gain more confidence about the options that this application will offer you.

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How to show and hide the margin guides depending on the version you have?

You can start by alternating the option of activation and deactivation of it. However, many users do their best to accumulate them, since in this way they focus much more on their publication. However, this is something to taste personal.

  • If you own the version of Publisher of the year 2003 and 2007, you can make these changes, locating yourself on the option of “Rules” that you will find located within the menu “Sight”. Once you enter, you will be able to hide these margin guides.
  • Within Publisher 2010, if you want to activate or deactivate this box, you must look for the button “Rules” and there, locate yourself on the option of “Show” Within the group “Sight” from the menu ribbon and voila.
  • When you right-click on any section of the publication, and proceed to select the option “Rules” located within the pop-up menu, you will see what appears or the guide.
  • The rules are usually set in such a way that in the upper left corner, it is known as the point of origin for both rules, both in horizontal position as vertically. You can see that as you move the cursor within the post, the fine lines there will move in such a way that they will be revealed to you.

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How to move margin guides from one place to another

If the option presented above does not meet what you want, you can place the mouse cursor over the ruler and move it.

For example, if you move the cursor, just over the horizontal section, you can see that the cursor will make a change within a couple of horizontal lines, which you will recognize by being surrounded by some arrows, which in turn point towards the part of up and down.

If, on the contrary, you proceed to move the cursor, right in the section that is located on the vertical ruler, you will see how it will make a change towards a pair of vertical lines, which, as described above, you will be able to differ by being surrounded by the arrows that also point to the left and right.

Similarly, you can choose to move the rulers at the same time, if you start by placing the cursor right in the part of the square where you can see horizontal rulers and vertical. In this way, you will be able to see how the cursor will change and now you will see a 2-way diagonal arrow.

Likewise, if you press the key “Shift” from your keyboard and proceed to drag your cursor, you will see that it will change and now it will be a 2-way arrow, with which you will be able to once a rectangle will appear. This object will be used to represent the rule or rules that you are moving. Once ready, you just have to release it and the rules will appear in their new position.

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