How to Put or Share Stickers, Photos and Videos in your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most used messaging apps. This is not a secret for anyone, because for a long time we have made it a trend for its novelties and tools that adjust to the needs of users.

Another thing that everyone has not in WhatsApp, is its price. Because it is totally free. Although at first, this application was offered as a free trial of one year and the following time it would cost $ 1 per year.

As it became more popular, it became completely free. Which positioned her as the most popular app from the Google Play Store.

Thus, WhatsApp has managed to take advantage of trends and get the most out of them. Proof of this are the new updates it presents. And many people already know the best WhatsApp tricks to get you greater benefit to the application.

Among the most prominent we find Stickers, group video calls, the possibility of deleting messages that have already been sent, temporary statuses and the editing states with Stickers.

In this article we will explain all the steps to post your photos and videos in your statuses WhatsApp with the most original Stickers.

What are WhatsApp statuses?

In 2016, in view of the popularity of the Snapchat application due to the dynamics of its publications, which were temporary, WhatsApp implemented a very similar system with its ‘States’.

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Before, a WhatsApp status was the text that accompanied the profile of a person. Usually people wrote things you were doing or popular phrases like: ‘At the gym’, ‘I’m busy’, ‘I can’t answer’, ‘I’m driving’, ‘Happy day’ or ‘Happy start of the week’. That is, the input was limited to only characters and emojis.

In August 2016, WhatsApp implemented the ‘States’. Where people could perform unlimited photo posts, short videos or images with text. These will be visible in a new section of the application created for this purpose. Where your statuses and those of all your contacts were displayed.

It even has the ability to limit who will see your statuses. So we can take better care of the public of this content. It is also not possible to download WhatsApp Status directly from the application, but there are alternatives.

How to share photos and videos in your WhatsApp statuses

If we want share photos and videos in our WhatsApp statuses, it is necessary that we follow the simple steps that we tell you below:

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  1. We must first have the image or video in our gallery or in a virtual gallery like the Google Photos application. If not, we can capture it at that time.
  2. Now, we must open the WhatsApp application, we click on the ‘States’ section.
  3. Here we have two buttons that have the same functionality. The first is located under the ‘States’ section, in the circle with our profile photo. The second is located in the lower right corner of the screen, it is a green circle with a blank camera image.
  4. To continue, we press either of the two options mentioned above. This will open the camera through WhatsApp.
  5. If our status is an existing photo or video, we must slide the filmstrip that appear and select the photo or video that we want to publish.
  6. Now the selected content go into edit mode, where we can cut the video or in the case of a photo apply filters, stickers, emojis or draw on it.
  7. When the edition is finished, click on the green button located in the lower right corner.
  8. Done, now our content is available 24 hours to be viewed by our contacts.

How to put stickers in your WhatsApp statuses

That’s right, your statuses can now be more personalized than ever with Stickers. You can even use both WhatsApp Stickers and Stickers that you have created With third-party application, the steps are as follows:

  1. We are located in the part to edit photos just before publishing them as States.
  2. In the Right upper corner we have a little face on the screen, we press there.
  3. Now, we select the Stickers option.
  4. Ready, we can drag all the Stickers that we have saved and put them in all our states.

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