How to Put or Show the ‘This Computer’ Icon on the Windows 10 Desktop

Windows is a very innovative operating system, which has been shown throughout all its new versions that improve the interface and interactivity from their computers.

So far, the eighth and tenth versions have caused quite a lot of popularity among the masses that they enable the constant installation of their equipment, mostly with the new design that you have established for your main window.

Although many people have congratulated the Microsoft company on the significant change to its aesthetics, some constantly complain about the abrupt way in which they have been established, compared to their old versions, such as the appearance of a ‘Contacts’ icon within the team.

However, Windows guarantees the customization and interaction of your system, so no user should worry about the absence of a feature, as this can be applied again within your main screen.

What is the function of ‘This computer’ within Windows?

The direct access that leads to the address of ‘This team’ is responsible for show automatically the contents of the main storage folder on your computer, as well as the hardware that connects to it.

my computer windows folders

Previously named ‘My Computer’ and ‘Computer’, is a window that shows an access to the content of the hard disk, such as the installation files and content of the computer’s set of programs.

Similarly, it allows access to those removable devices that want to transfer content from pole to pole. This access not displayed directly within a set of icons that appear on the desktop.

We show you a way to restore this icon to your main screen

Even though Windows had its reasons for making the “This Computer” icon disappear from their desktop window, those who want quick access to the address, they can enable it again in his usual place.

In fact, this is a problem that manifests itself in various aspects of the interface, as many users have reported problems showing the Bluetooth icon on their desktop.

But like the problem we discussed in this article, they are fully configurable parameters that can be reset back to the site where it was regularly.

Follow these steps to achieve it

Clearly it is necessary to edit the layout of desktop icons, which Windows has always allowed to do directly from this window or by accessing the internal configuration of the computer.

When you right-click on the desktop window, a small menu that we all know will be displayed, the last option of which turns out to be “Personalization”, which is where you must click to re-enable the “This computer” icon on the screen.

Once the setup menu and personalization of your equipment, you will select the “Themes” section that is in the upper right.

place windows icons

Now, on the right side of the screen you will see the option of ‘Configure desktop icons‘, to open a small window that will allow you to select the set of accesses that you want to place on the screen.

After marking them, all you have to do is click on the “OK” button to see how the shortcut to “This computer” appears again on your desktop.

Other configurations that Windows allows to do within its interface

From modifying the size of the icons within the task bar, changing their location and even enabling the display of programs within the desktop, this operating system is characterized by push the limits of personalization.

In this way, by establishing these new parameters, each user will have the total freedom to change each aspect of their screen to their liking.

Likewise, through this constant configuration of shortcuts and accesses, the completion of tasks within it will be facilitated, so that the amount of time saved when carrying out an activity within your computer is significant.

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