How to Put, Share or Add Spotify Music to my Instagram Stories

Spotify is one of the digital platforms focused on streaming music playback biggest in the whole planet. This year after year it has achieved an incredible growth and boom to the point of being one of the favorite apps for users to be able to listen to their favorite albums, songs and artists online without any problem or inconvenience.

But to understand more about this immense recognition, we have to go to the principles of this company. This important application saw the light for the first time when it was launched on the market in 2008. This platform reached the European territory that same year. Meanwhile, in other continents it was officially presented as such in 2009.

With the passage of time this application was taking ground and choosing the correct decisions to promote your project. Spotify has joined forces with major and super recognized record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Hollywood Records, Warner and many other companies. extremely vital in today’s music.

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It has also been shown to be present in a large number of platforms. Similarly, the Spotify app is present on Playstation and Xbox video game consoles. Besides being available in the markets of most smart televisions or Smart TVs.

This application We can download it normally from the official Spotify page, as well as from app stores such as Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. In the same way, we will have the possibility of downloading this new platform for streaming music from an alternative store or from third parties.

official portal

Due to this accessibility in any type of terminals and mobile devices, in addition to its great recognition acquired during all these years, Spotify has reached an immense number of users in different parts of the world. It is estimated that they are currently about 340 million people registered on this amazing platform.

But this on the other hand is also due to qualities and characteristics that this great application provides. Next we will give you a brief review about all the specifications that Spotify offers to its respective registered users. Stay with us and we will show you all the data, information and details related to this streaming music platform.

What can Spotify offer us?

In addition to the aforementioned, Spotify presents a large number of benefits that are not present in other platforms like Soundcloud or Deezer. Therefore this app is considered one of the most complete in this regard on the market. Next we will tell you some things about the characteristics that it presents.

Through Spotify we will have the possibility to listen any kind of songs or albums of the artists and bands that you like the most, we will be able to listen to radio channels on all kinds of content, in addition to that we will be able to enjoy all kinds of podcasts available on the platform. We can save all this and book it as a favorite on our profile.

We can also make playlists in which we can add all kinds of songs that are to our liking. In the same way we can follow playlists created by other users or even by Spotify. This app will present us bands totally focused on our tastes daily so that in this way we can be interested in new options.

spotify phone

We can also be aware of the most recently released albums and songs in an option that appears on the home of the application with a lightning bolt icon. Another interesting fact is the possibility of being able share our favorite songs and albums In different social networks, below we will tell you much more about that.

How can I share music from Spotify to my Instagram Stories?

It is one of the most interesting options in this app and it is very easy to use. We will only have to enter the song or album that we are listening at that moment, inside we will see an option that has a 3-point icon, from there we select Instagram and it will be all. This content will appear in our respective story.

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