How to Put Tags on YouTube with Keywords from Keyword Tool? (Example)

For some years now, the video format on the Internet has been increasingly used, being today one of the most consumed on the web. Hence the importance of putting tags on YouTube with keywords to achieve a better search positioning of the platform.

Currently YouTube is the second most used search platform worldwide, making it ideal to complement written information and achieve greater dissemination.

Like Google, there are tools that help improve search rankings thanks to keywords. Exploring these words is called keyword research. An essential step when generate content for the platform and that are visible even when a video is forward or backward on YouTube for Android.

What is a keyword research for YouTube?

Its meaning in Spanish is keyword search, and it is one of the first steps when carrying out a positioning strategy. The main goal is to reach more people who are interested in your content through internet searches.

You should always look for the best keywords or keywords for YouTube and thus favor the strategy so that the content gets more and more visits over time.

Videos are content that takes a lot of time and effort, so they are quickly excluded from marketing strategies. However, they are also the ones that can generate greater visibility and a high ROI, since they are more attractive to the public, This is achieved through the use of keywords and tags.

Tag YouTube with keywords

To put tags on YouTube with keywords, you must first look for them and know which one is best according to the content to be published. These are the steps to follow to perform keyword research.

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Structure your topics

The first thing before starting create content for Youtube It is deciding what topic to talk about. Usually the most common thing is to think about making high demand videos to reach more people. However, this is not the best way to start.

The more you like the topic in question, the faster you can even start making money with YouTube as a minor, taking into account the restrictions that this entails.

Ideally, start with more accurate content so that you can reach your specific target audience, and not an irrelevant audience that won’t be held captive. This is achieved through the structuring of the topics to be discussed.

Search keywords

The next step is to search for the most relevant keywords and their volume of query on the platform. This is done in order to use those keywords that are best related to the topic at hand. For this there are many tools that help you put tags on YouTube with keywords.

What is the intention of the search?

To find out, it is best to ask yourself what users are looking for when using that keyword on YouTube. This is answered by searching for that word on the platform and seeing what the first search results are. If you want to position a video through a specific keyword, it is best to create content similar to that of the search.

Keyword Tool to tag YouTube with keywords

This is an online tool that helps you search for keywords. For this it uses Google Suggest. In its free version, it divides the keywords into four categories.

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The first is the suggestion of keywords, these are those keywords automatically suggested by Google. The next category is the questions, in this the keywords are suggested in the form of a question. Quite useful when generating content such as tutorials.

The third category is keywords with prepositions and the last one is about hashtags. The list provided by the platform can be optimized by placing negative keywords, for example, or by applying the filters offered by the platform. When the list of keywords is ready, it can be exported to an Excel template, for easy viewing.

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