How to Put Tattoos on My Photos with the Tattoo Cam App

Decide to have a tattoo It is a difficult decision, especially since you are never 100% sure how it will remain on the skin and also last a lifetime. If you want to get a tattoo but you are not sure because you do not know how it will look on your skin, or maybe you just want to have fun trying tattoos for a while, we have the perfect solution.

Although there are many applications for this, either through a computer using Adobe Photoshop or through a mobile device, we recommend Tattoo Cam. It is a free application for Android devices in which you can try on tattoo designs and thus be able to see how they look anywhere on your body.

How to put tattoos on my photos with the Tattoo Cam app?

This application is useful for people with all kinds of tastes thanks to its diversity in designs, since it has more than 250 original designs ranging from dragons to symbols. There is more detailed information on the designs below.

To be able to use it, you just have to take a photo or choose it from your gallery and select one of the available designs and see in which direction and size it is best on the chosen part of the body.

Its interface is quite simple. You can change the orientation either vertical or horizontal, so you can see better how it will look. There are options that are only available in English but since it is extremely basic it will not cause you problems.

At the top left there is an option to activate the light or LED flash camera, so it works even in low light. One of the negative aspects is that it does not have autofocus, so the image will not be of very good quality if your cell phone does not have a good camera.

In its upper part an ink machine will appear, if you press it you can take a screenshot of how the tattoo and so you can share it with whoever you want.

Although the result is not 100% what you will get when doing it in real life, Tattoo Cam is a good way to get an idea of ​​how it will look for avoid surprises or disappointments when it comes to doing it in a tattoo parlor in real life.

You can share the result with your friends on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social networks.

Tattoo Cam Features and Functions

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Within the application we find several great and very good features of Tatto CamHere are some good ones for you to install after reading them:

  • Available for devices with Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Its size depends on the device on which it is downloaded.
  • It is available in the languages ​​Spanish, English, French, among others.
  • It has autofocus.
  • 8 different categories of tattoo designs.
  • Have more than 258 designs.
  • Add your own designs.
  • Real sound of the ink gun.
  • Drag, rotate and enlarge the tattoos.
  • Using the Android camera.
  • It has usage statistics.
  • Have Gallery built-in.
  • Delete and share photos from gallery.
  • All photos are stored on the SD card.
  • You can activate the LED flash.

Tattoo categories available on TattoCam

  • Animals
  • Dragons
  • Japanese
  • Mixed
  • Symbols
  • Tribal
  • Thai
  • Others


Since the application has access to your gallery and the data stored in the SD card, it requires some permissions to work.

  • Access to the Internet connection: It is necessary for advertising.
  • Camera: To be able to access the device’s camera.
  • Flashlight: Allows access to the flashlight.
  • Vibrate: Allow access to the vibrator.
  • External storage access: Used to store files on the SD.

Where can you download Tattoo Cam?

Man tattooed on various parts of the body

This application can be downloaded without having to pay absolutely anything, it is totally free, and it is available on the Galaxy App and also on Google Play.

We hope that before getting a permanent tattoo you can use Tattoo Cam to find out what it will look like before you’re disappointed by unwanted results.

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