How to Put the Browser in Full Screen Operates Easily (Example)

Then we will see how to put the Opera browser in full screen in an extremely fast and simple way to be able to take advantage of the entire screen of our monitor and work more comfortably.

We cannot deny that Opera is one of the great browsers that we have today and that allows us to customize and change the theme.

It may not enjoy the popularity of Firefox and Chrome. But it could be said that in certain respects it is even better than those mentioned above.

By itself, Opera comes with a few basic functions included without the need to install any kind of extension. How for example: save an Opera web page, an advertisement block, your own VPN network to browse privately and it is optimized to save energy in case you use a laptop.

Therefore, Opera is a great quality browser that deserves a shot in case you had tried it. In itself we can open social networks and WhatsApp to reply to messages from the same browser without having to have more tabs open.

You can even import personal information from Google Chrome to Opera, among other things. Something that is very important to many people, especially in certain work areas. It is having a large workspace and for this the option of having Opera in full screen is ideal because we can take advantage of every last inch of our monitor.

¿Do you want to know how to put the Opera browser in full screen? A little further down we are going to go into details on how you can do it in both operating systems and make the most of your screen space.

This guide to taking advantage of the whole monitor with Opera is quite simple to carry out. And in a few minutes you will know how to expand Opera to personalize your browser and occupy the entire screen of your monitor.

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Put Opera in full screen when browsing in Windows

  • In order to use Opera in full screen, we will have to open the browser and then we will click on the Opera icon located in the upper left corner of the browser.
  • A drop-down menu with several options will appear, when we hover the mouse over the option “Page”A new, smaller menu opens.
  • But in this menu we will find the option of “Full screenWhen we click on this option, the browser will fill the entire screen.
  • A quick way to use this is by pressing F11 on the keyboard, it does basically the same thing. If you want to get out of the Opera full screen mode on WindowsAll you have to do is press F11 and you will return to the standard window.

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How to put Opera in full screen on Mac

  • If you want to do it on Mac it is very simple, since you will have to open the browser and then click on the Opera menu located at the top of the screen. Now click on “Watch”And a new menu is displayed.
  • In this new menu you will have to select the option that says “Enter full screen”. In case you want to disable the full screen to return to normal. What you will do is click on the top of the screen to open the Opera menu.
  • Now we click on “View” again and the option of “Exit full screen”. Another easy way to do it is by simply pressing the “Esc” key on your physical keyboard.

We hope this simple tutorial was useful to you, remember that we are always available to help you with any questions you may have in this regard. If that is the case, leave it in the comments section that you can find a little below and we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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