How to Put the Notice or Cookies Policies on my WordPress Website without Plugins? (Example)

Since the cookie law was implemented, it is mandatory to place a notice on the website about the policies and what it is being used for. This in order to protect and keep users informed when browsing the internet. If you have a website and you don’t know how to do it, in the following tutorial learn how to how to put the notice or cookie policies on your website WordPress Without Plugins.

There are many users of WordPress that for each modification, button or customization of their page they install a plugin without knowing the consequences. The use of Plugins is not negative (you can place SEO positioning plugins, and even plugins to edit and layout pages), but depending on them for each action will bring consequences to the performance of the page.

The performance problem causes the user experience to decline in quality and Google is very aware of that, which is why it is essential for the positioning of a web page.

Why is the cookie notice necessary on a web page?

It is important to highlight the obligation to put this notice depends on the legislation where you are. However, most of these express that it is necessary to notify the user when entering for the first time, the use that will be given to cookies and also the policies of the page with respect to this.

Steps to place the notice or cookie policies on your WordPress website without plugins

Before placing the notice, it is important to have a page within WordPress with the cookie policies already placed. If you do not have this page, you must proceed to create it by entering the WordPress editing area. Then click on the tab “pages”And after that the option is selected “Add a new page.”

wordpress graphical interface

With the page created, you can place the notice or cookie policies on your WordPress website without plugins. For this, you must enter the page “Osano”In it select the option “Open source” and later “Cookie Consent”.

Once on the page, you must go down and select the button that says “Start coding”. After this, the settings to make the notice or cookie policies on your WordPress website without Plugins will be displayed at the bottom in a very intuitive and fast way.

Customization of the notice or cookie policies on your WordPress website without Plugins

In the options it is necessary to click to extend the configurations of each one. The first has to do with the position of the notice, in this you must select one of the boxes and you can immediately preview where the notice will be on the website.

The following option changes the visual style of the notice, in the same way when selecting one, the change will be reflected in the preview notice. Then in option three you can choose a predefined theme or make a custom color scheme.

Then in the next configuration tab you must place the link from the previously created policy page. Option five is important as it determines whether users will be able to reject the ad or not. The one you want should be carefully selected.

To finish with the customization of the notice, in the last option you can change the message of the buttons and have a completely different notice.

wordpress desktop onterface

How to add the notice to the page in WordPress?

To put the notice or cookie policies, first you have to open WordPress and go to the option “Appearance” and later “Editor”. On this page you will see the web configuration code. You must select the option on the right “Header of the topic.” Next, the first code found on the right side of on the page where the notice was customized must be copied.

This code must be inserted before the tag “ “ in the WordPress editor. Then copy the following code in the edit page and paste it before the tag “ “ in WordPress.

Now that everything has been clear to you, you can say that you know more about WordPress, so it would not be bad if you were looking for how to protect your WordPress website against malware, or that you learned new editing tricks like creating animated banners, remember that this portal everything is possible.

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