How to Put the Reading of a Document on Full Screen in Word

Word is considered a computer application with which texts can be processed; you can also create, edit and save the documents you want. Microsoft Word uses document writing through the digitized writing and it is the program mostly used to create jobs.

It is important to understand that the application has several parts which serve a different function. In the same way, it has the view section in which you can find the full screen view which is a highly requested option by users.

However! if you are one of the users who still do not know the procedure to place the full screen reading mode in Word, don’t worry. Because below we will show you step by step how to get it quickly and easily.

Word: Steps to put full screen reading

Put reading full screen Word

Below we will explain the steps to change from one view to another in the Word writing program. So first you have to enter the program and create a new document, being located in the document already created you must select the “view” option from the top menu.

Once it is opened, the different views of the program’s documents will be displayed, you also have to click on the option to “full screen reading”. Once the selections you can automatically see how the change adjusts.

At the same time the full screen view shows only the text so it hides all the editing tools. Therefore, this option allows you to view and make use of only a few tools that may be useful while reading the document.

Next, to be able to exit the view mode, press the “close” option in the upper right part of the document. As you can see, it is a simple procedure. So when you close the full screen you will see the document in the original design view that is where you are working. It is important to note that when turn on full screen view the defect is visualized in the form of an open book.

Since you can see two pages on the screen at the same time, this way you can read each word carefully to see if there are any errors and determine if the document is ready. In addition, there are different views which you can use if you need it, so Word offers multiple tools such as the pencil, so that users can have them at hand when writing any type of article.

View options in Word document

Word logo.

Initially, it should be noted that with the full view option it is also possible to see all the pages that the document contains, you should not worry because there are only two mainly.

If it is located in the upper bar of the document you can find the page number in which it is followed by a button. Which you can press to go to the next double page and so on you can review each of the pages of the document. Emphasizing that they happen two by two.

You can also click on the screen on the right or left side depending on whether you want to jump or go back the page. For this reason, when the hand that fulfills the role of the pointer is displayed, the desired step can be carried out.

Therefore, it should be noted that in the view option there are several menus which include: “print layout” which shows the content of a single sheet or page and adjusts it to margins. Also if you want to disable the option you can select another view method.

Together the “web design” is responsible for adapting the text to the space available in the window. Therefore you can adjust the window to a smaller size and the text adjusts easily.

Finally, it should also be noted that among the view options in Word there is a call scheme with which you can read only the beginning of the paragraphs. Since they fit within the boxes of the scheme, they can also be collapsed or expanded.

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