How to Put the Same Watermark on Multiple Photos or Images with Pixlr Editor

Set the same watermark in multiple photos it can be a bit expensive in famous programs like Photoshop. As an exclusive tool, sometimes it is a bit complicated to set for all images the same watermark.

However, with Pixlr Editor, this task can be done easily, quickly and for free without too many complications. Although it is not an automatic application, its manual use is very simple to understand.

When the custom watermark is made, it must be placed on each photograph or image produced with this Editor. The process for this you can find below, thus understanding its ease.

Process to follow to create the same watermark

When entering Pixlr Editor, an image is opened to which you want to place the watermark logo. To enter the logo, click on “File” and then on “Open image”, Selecting the corresponding one.

To add the logo to the image in which it is to be placed, click on “Edit“And, later, in”Copy”. Click again on “Edit“And there it will be sectioned”Paste“, Being possible to change its size in”Edit” – “Free transformation”.

As soon as the size is chosen, press the key “Enter“, Then having to convert the image to white. This will be done in “Settings“, Having to click on”Levels”, Bringing the entire white setting up to its maximum tone.

several images

After pressing “Okay”, The watermark will be ready to start making it transparent. In the panel of “Layers”, On the right side of the program, you will click on the option with the star.

This will display the settings for Pixlr Editor for editing the layer, placing the properties that are best preferred. You can organize the sizes, transparencies, borders, shadings and other common characteristics of the watermarks.

After clicking on “Okay“, Select”Topple layer settings”In the layers menu, having options to choose the opacity. After reaching the preferred point, click the same button again to remove the handling opacity.

The background is removed, double-clicking on the padlock of its layer, having to cut the watermark before. Its size should be taken into account, giving “Enter”So that you only have the area where the brand is located.

The image layer is removed from the layers menu by dragging it to the trash can and only the watermark will be visible. Click on “File” and later “Keep”, Selected the PNG format to save the transparency, giving it the name of your choice.

It is important that the watermark It is saved in a folder and with a name that distinguishes it from the rest of the files.

Process to follow to place the same watermark on several photographs or images

Once all the windows that were previously open are closed, you return to the Pixlr Editor home page. All the images are opened at the same time in which you want place the same watermark.

If they have different sizes, it is possible that for each one you have to edit the watermark size. The same happens with its transparency, so these characteristics can be changed for each image or photograph.

several photographs

After selecting all the photographs or images, the option of “To open“, Having all of them in their corresponding tabs. Then the same process is done with the watermark established, opening it in a different tab.

In that tab, click on “Edit“, Then”Copy”And the window where the watermark. Thus, the watermark is pasted on the first photograph and the necessary modifications are made to your needs.

After edit the watermark, the final result of the edition is saved. The whole process can also involve professional editing enhancements to be made in general.

The use of tools Pixlr Editor is simple to perform, so this task is in accordance with the editing processes in general.

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