How to Put Two Videos at the Same Time on Split Screen with Premiere Pro? (Example)

One of the most used effects in video editing, is one that allows us to watch two videos simultaneously in the same playback. Learn how to edit two videos at the same time in split screen with Premiere Pro and other programs that you can use to achieve this effect.

This video effect is quite useful, since you can show the same product from two different perspectives and at the same time. Also, because you can show two actions that will converge at the end or just to make a comparison of objects and so on.

With Premiere Pro you can make all the necessary arrangements to your video to be able to have a more professional job, such as, for example, you can improve the low light or lighting of your video.

Steps to edit two videos at the same time in split screen with Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a editing program belonging to the Adobe suite, therefore, it is one of the most complete and complex. It is one of the best when it comes to placing two videos at the same time on a split screen with Premiere Pro, since, in addition, you can add effects to it.

It is an application that allows a constant flow of work and is compatible with many of the video formats. You follow these simple steps so that you can place two videos at the same time on split screen with Premiere Pro:

Learn in 5 easy steps

  • First, you must import the files to the desktop of the program. You can drag them directly from the location folder onto the screen and place them on the timeline. Adjust the alignment of both so that they play at the same time.
  • It is important to take into account that when working on editing a video, the audio is synchronized with the video.

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  • Work in parts so focus on adjusting a first clip, highlight it by clicking on it and go to “Effects control panel”. Look for the option of “Movement” and display the panel, with this, you can adjust and scale the position of the video. In the preview panel you can see the adjustments you make until you can position the videos where you want.
  • Still with the same video, go to the “Effects panel“And select”Video effects”, “Transform” and finally, “Cutout”. You must place this option on the video in question, you can do it simply by dragging it.
  • In the trimming settings panel, adjust the video on both sides so that it is correctly fixed on the side of the screen you want. Uses “Position control”To make extra adjustments and save once you are satisfied with the result of your two videos at the same time in split screen with Premiere Pro.
  • Copy those settings and paste them into the second video to make them exactly the same. Once you are clear about these steps, you can add more videos and divide them into sections with the section “Essential graphics”.

With this tool, you can section the screen into different frames and place the videos with the basic steps mentioned above. You just have to cut and adjust each video individually according to the spaces you make.

Once you have finished with all the necessary arrangements and the editing of your video, you just have to go to the option to export your video from Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Other tools that allow screen splitting

In addition to being able to perform the effect of two videos at the same time in split screen With Premiere Pro, there are other editing programs with which you can achieve the same result. You can find Video Splitter and Final Cut, both belonging to Apple and both also quite effective.

Wondershare Filmora

It is a program practically focused on only the division of screens, since it directly brings different screen clippings that will help you work with two videos at the same time thanks to its multiple tools.

It can be used on both Windows and Mac and you can choose any video on your computer, since it accepts 150 file formats.

With this program, you can also add texts and credits, as well as extra audios to the videos and transitions that highlight a specific section. It is a good tool for beginners and has a free version.

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