How to Put Wallpaper in Windows 10 with Dropbox Photos (Example)

We can customize our desktop background with Windows 10, since we have the advantage of placing both pictures like some video or Gif animated, thanks to the adjustments that were made in its latest version; These can also change from time to time.

Now there is a company called Dropbox Business, of North American origin, whose launch took place in 2007. Its main objective is to offer a cloud storage service for certain files; however, it is more than that, because it acts as a space that brings together tools, equipment and content.

This storage system is the most popular today, and it allows you move video or image files, choosing the folder you want; also the photos that are stored there.

What are the Advantages of using Dropbox?

It works like a online photo gallerySince it is an intelligent application of different files, it also integrates perfectly with the Windows operating system, sending the download link quickly; It has a virtual hard disk to work freely on almost all computers, only needing the internet.

As is typical of all cloud storage services, with Dropbox you have the security that the folders that are shared It can only be seen by the users you invite; In addition, you can share the files without having to add them to your email.

How do you get a Dropbox account?

dropbox prices and services

You can get an account for free if you subscribe to Dropbox Basic, getting 2 GB of storage and you will have the option to share documents, photos and any other file; even from any device you are on.

There are other options that Dropbox also offers you for free, through bonuses you will receive, once you have sent all the requests required by the company to your family and friends; you just wait and you will get up to 16GB.

They also offer plans in which monthly payments with different features: a Professional plan for 1 user, with 3TB of storage and that you can try it for free only for 14 days.

The Standard for 3 or more users, with 5 TB of storage and trial period free for 30 days and we end with the Advanced, for 3 or more users, storage space that your equipment needs and also a 30-day free trial.

So, once you download and get your Dropbox account, you need to install on your computer auto sync function, so that this content is the same on the network and on all devices.

How to put desktop background in Windows 10 with photos from Dropbox?

put photo backgrounds from dropbox

In order to change the wallpaper in Windows 10; The first thing to do is a right click on the desktop. Then click on “Settings”, then click on “Personalization” and then on “Background”.

It is at this point you choose an image, a solid color, or if you prefer a presentation for the wallpaper. Click on “Examine” and it will open the corresponding file to choose the one you want.

In this case it will be the one in your Dropbox folder and thus, we will have the wallpaper. There are also other methodologies to change the wallpaper, however there is a free application called John’s Background Switcher, which you can install on your computer.

Here you will find the album where the background images are in Windows 10. Then we make a click the “Add” button and will allow us to choose various image services; and upload the photos we want to be displayed on the desktop background.

Then we select Dropbox. Then they ask us for the validity of the service, for which we must start the session of our account accepting the permissions; for Background to access photos. Also, you can configure the time you want the images to rotate; and if you want it fixed, collages, mosaics in miniatures, among others.

We conclude by saying that, to change a desktop or screen background in Windows 10 today with Dropbox photos; we have seen that it is done easily and quickly; Either through the basic Windows procedure or through free applications such as Background without further complication.

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