How to Put Wii Games in Spanish with Dolphin for Android – Quick and Easy

Put the Wii games in Spanish with Dolphin for Android is an essential requirement if you want to maximize the gaming experience. As well as an android emulator for pc, Dolphin remains one of the best emulators to keep Wii games alive.

And it is that although it seems ironic, thanks to the smart mobile devicesNot so modern games today remain more alive than ever due to emulators. Being the Dolphin emulator for Android one of the most downloaded so far for the most classic games of the Nintendo Wii.

Yes OK it is not the same experience of movement that of the console, in addition to extra functions such as downloading and installing Netflix on the Wii. There is no doubt that taking your favorite games with you everywhere is an experience that all seasoned gamers should try.

Put Wii games in Spanish with Dolphin for Android

The first thing to keep in mind to start the process of change of language of the Wii games to Spanish with Dolphin, is to have our Android system updated. And the second thing is that there is currently no direct way to conventionally change the language of Wii games to Spanish.

However, there is a method that allows force language switch of Wii games in Dolphin without any problem on Android devices. So there is nothing to worry about, if you follow the following method in a short time you will be able to fully enjoy the gaming experience.

change language in wii games

Change the language of Wii games to Spanish in Dolphin Emulator for Android

To do what is considered the procedure of forcing the language to Spanish in Wii games with the Dolphin emulator for Android devices, the first thing is create an .INI file with the ID of the game you want to change the language.

Wii Game ID?

The ID of a Wii game can be easily discovered, and is the most necessary if you want to change the language to Spanish in a game. The first thing is enter the GameTdb websiteThis website has one of the largest and most extensive databases with information on video games and consoles, especially Nintendo Wii games.

However, the relevance of this web page is that it allows us to find the ID of almost any Wii gameAll you have to do is enter the portal once you have searched for it in the browser. Once inside, in the web browser you must enter the name of the Wii game that you want to change the language.

For this point, a list must be made with all the options about the game that has been entered, in this you must select the name that corresponds to the version of our game. That is, if you are Spanish you must enter PAL, if you are American you enter NTSC.

There are no complications at this point to locate the game, so once found, it will be clicked. At this point you will see a lot of information about it, but in the first sections there will be the game ID number that interests us.

How to put the Wii games in Spanish with Dolphin on Android?

The next is create a text file You must have the name of the Wii game ID you want to force the language to. In this world, the file must be made from a PC, putting the name of the ID plus the corresponding INI extension, looking like this:

text file to change language of wii games

The above should tell the Dolphin emulator for Android to select language 4 when running the Wii game (by default it corresponds to Spanish).

The following route is where you proceed to copy the recent .INI file with the newly created Spanish language configuration: Internal Storage> Dolphin-emu> GameSettings.

The next thing is to check that the change has been made successfully, for this only the emulator starts normally and you must display the forced language change to Spanish. All that remains is to enjoy the improved experience.

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